Weiner October surprise

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Anthony Weiner may be behind the most monumental screw up of all time.

The truth is that people have no idea what is going on but it does appear that the media got wind of this issue and decided that they had pushed as far as they could go with bashing trump.

No matter what happens it is unlikely that this will result in a Clinton Prison Term however it will certainly cast more light on the sheer incredible numbers of amazing scandals at a time when the democrats hoped to have the media completely on their side.

Why did the Media stop pushing the false narrative that trump was being accused by women that some were proven to have been faked by the media?

Want to know even more?

The truth may not be all that easy to see and to understand but you can certainly see the karma in this situation along with how the media were trying to paint Trump as a predator when the real predators were definitely not being talked about by the media.

Imagine what would happen if the media were to once again start to cover the news.

Meaningful news?

Real News?

Who would even believe it?