Trump not serious

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While it might seem like an interesting thing to the liberal media, Trump is not really a serious candidate for President.

While many people would like to see a popular candidate and it would be a good thing if there were such a candidate, like for real I would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger right now, but sadly he is not qualified.

The thing is that Trump may be a good speaker and a good businessman, who has made and will make a lot of money, the truth is he is not presidential and he cannot win an election, Now the question becomes is he like a Joe Biden, Perhaps, he could be a vice presidential run, along with a serious candidate.

Again though is he really serious?

When your going to try to run for office in this nation, where apparently we do not use the kind of language you see on showtime at 11PM at night…

When you are going to try to run for office you do not talk about non issues, (all though the media has made more of an issue of the birth certificate than other people have)

Why you ask?  Simple it is a distraction from the politics of the day, which mean that they (the liberal media think) that people will forget that they are paying almost $5 per gallon for Gas, and that people will forget that food is getting higher and higher, and people are getting skinny, (the liberals think it is good for your to be skinny)

They think that they know what is best for you.

But are they really right or are they wrong?

Do you think that you should have no free will?

Do you think that you should not be able to choose?

They think that a woman’s body equals a choice, but when it comes to all other things, then you have no choice?


The way that liberals think is a twisted and convoluted process willed with ignorance and superstition.

Is this the hope and change that you voted for?

Do you want for more years of this kind of hope and this kind of change?