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  • Opiate Madness

    Remember the classic black and white political movie that was designed to brain wash viewers int0 believing that taking a drug would turn you into a zombie? Yep, well that same issue is back again only this time it is a pack of lies and it has been exposed as the lie it is. Opioid […]

  • CNN Censorship ???

    Remember back years ago when the idea of Censorship was a horrible thing? Censorship Amazing stuff here, Bias, Fake News. How is this possible? Why do viewers bother to watch the news when the news is no longer the news at all. Censorship is what this network apparently employs on a regular basis.  

  • # Fake News reality and lies

    Fake News has become a big news story and it is a new story that the news does not want to cover. The reason why the Media does not want to cover Fake News is that they are the ones that are creating Fake News. They want to define it, Control it, Tell it what […]

  • Media Fake News

    The most recent fake news to come out of the media is this idea about how Russia interfered with the election. That is Fake News. Seriously that is what it is. Fake News. The idea that the Russians interfered with the election results is what the media want you to believe. They want you to […]

  • corruption in the Media

    Can America Survive the seriously corrupted media? That is something to seriously consider as we face a new year and a new president. Will the Media have its way and distort the real news that is not being presented to the public? The real question is far more important here and that is Should the […]

  • Fake News Liars

    Who and what is Fake News, seems like the real Fake news here is the liberal broadcast media formerly known as main stream media. They are no longer main stream media. The reason why that is true is because in the past there was not much in the way of alternative sources of information so […]

  • Fake News?

    For many years we have seen what amounts to fake news… This is mostly because the Media presented its reporting on the level of a person with a 5 year education. This was what they did in the past, mostly because for many americans education was a luxury in the 1950s and early 1960s there […]

  • fox news bias

    Fox news, Judge Jury Executioner,   Update did fox news, influence the trial by allegedly using negative descriptors and multiple "one way only" opinionated, bobble heads.  What could happen if Fox news continues its allegedly slanted coverage and harm comes to Casey Anthony as a direct result of Fox news allowing its bobble heads to […]

  • broken record

    Fox news sometimes is really hard to take they just cannot seem to understand that people do not want to watch the same thing over and over and over and over again. . .   Over and over again, do the producers over at Fox news allegedly have some kind of personality disorder that makes […]