Fake News

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In a recent hyped up news story we are given to somehow believe that Facebook somehow was key to changing the way the people of the United States of America Voted.

So, Facebook is committed to stopping Fake News stories.

Can you imagine how something like that might look?

Fake News? You mean like the Fake news from Wiki Leaks?

Want to know no more about how facebook may be censoring the real news?

The very idea that a social media organization  may be in the process of deciding what is real news and what is fake news is somethign that you may have never thought possible however in the real world it has been quietly going on for some time now.

If you want to really understand how fake news is a problem then you would have to look closer at the voting in this election.

The media lied to you and now facebook is upset that they were also unable to trick or fake the American People into voting the wrong way.

This explains the truth behind these fake news stories and facebook is not the problem.

They would like for you to NOT see the real news including this graphic.


IF you are interested in the real news over fake news then
You might be interested to know that this image reveals just
how many people actually voted and it also shows you that there is no such thing here as a popular vote argument.

This is Huge, but it is not mentioned on the news?

Is this the Fake NEWs that Facebook wants to eliminate?

That is something that we must find a way to challenge.

These large corporate giants that want to change the news to fit in with what they want to show is something that should concern every american voter and citizen.

We simply cannot afford to have a company like face book censoring the news because they believe that the candidate they wanted to win lost because of news stories on facebook?  That is just insanity but it is the kind of insanity that we cannot afford to allow to grow.  It is a mold a blackness of heart that does not belong in our nation, If facebook cannot work with the constituion then they may have to pay a price.

At some point we must fight back against companies like facebook that would have you blind and ignorant of the truth.

The only way to combat the lies that facebook may be trying to convince you is truth may be to make it so expensive for facebook to choose what you see and what you do not see that they will no longer try to censor the news.

Americans are tired of the lies from liberal social media organizations trying to force the rest of America to see “Things their way” we simply are not going to allow this to happen period.

The map above clearly demostrats what the truth is about this election and yet you see the news does not cover this as news would this be considered fake news?