# Fake News reality and lies

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Fake News has become a big news story and it is a new story that the news does not want to cover.

The reason why the Media does not want to cover Fake News is that they are the ones that are creating Fake News.

They want to define it, Control it, Tell it what to do…

They want to tell you what Fake News is all about.

They want to tell you what to think and how to think it because anyone that disagrees with what they have to say is wrong and stupid…

Think about that for a moment.

Lets look at what Fake News really is…

Is #Fake News intentionally deceiving an audience with the intent of presenting only one view of an opinion?

Sounds reasonable.

So, why is it that the Media somehow feel that everything else is Fake while they have the only real opinions out there?

Does that sound reasonable?


You see this is the main issue with how the public perceive what the news media are trying to do.

The public is not nearly as stupid and apparently not as ignorant as those in the media that try to force you to think that fake news is only defined by those that produce that news.

We have seen this going on for years and for the most part it has created a public that is not well aware of what is really happening in the world and that is the fault of the media.

We really need to correct this problem because these people are the enemy.

They are not like most people that make up the public.

They are not like you and they do not like you.

They are the ones in school that made fun of you and called you names, they are usually the ones that played cruel tricks and called you names designed to lower your self esteem.

(Is that an example of Fake News?)

Perhaps but what is really interesting here is the behavior that this represents.

Watch this Video and you can clearly see the behavior of those in the segment.

Pay particular attention to what they are saying and how they are saying it and the emotional tone they are using.

When you look at that part of the video and how they treat the one person that calls a spade a spade, talks about the gorilla in the room, the elephant in the room, watch how they treat him.

Then you will have no doubt about who and what Fake News actually is and has become.

Fake News

This Video is Amazing the reason it is amazing is because you had one man who was honest enough to tell the truth and the other’s could not stand to hear the truth.

You can see how angry these people are and they are angry because one man questioned what these others were doing.

Tearing down a good man. 

Promoting Hate speech?

Every where you look on Tv there is some form of Media sponsored Hate.

Might this also be called Fake News?