Fake News Liars

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Who and what is Fake News, seems like the real Fake news here is the liberal broadcast media formerly known as main stream media.

They are no longer main stream media.

The reason why that is true is because in the past there was not much in the way of alternative sources of information so therefore the main stream of the media could in fact lie with impunity.

They could tell you what ever story they wanted to tell and there were no consequences.

Why are they so dim witted now?

What is Fake News to You…

The truth about what is happening in the formerly main stream of the media is vastly ignorant.

Ignorance and insanity and you have to wonder why that is happening at all.

Why are they continuing to do the same things over and over again?

They will only reach those people who are foolish enough to believe anything they are told.

(That used to be enough)

Fake News Used to be Enough…

All those Broadcast media companies needed was just a certain percent of the voting public to believe the lies they tell so that they could influence what the public believed to be truth.

Now that has changed, there are multiple sources of news, the Internet, Radio, TV, Cable, Local Channels, Pod Casts, even Apps that go on Smart Phones.

What is really funny but not in a good way is the fact that these mongrels in the media are still doing the same things they have always done.

Must be some really old guys high up in the food chain that are just saying to themselves it has always worked all we have to do is to just keep repeating the lies over and over again and the people will eventually believe our lies again.

The problem with that lie is that people are no longer as ignorant as we might have been in the past.

Were not that stupid …

The Term Fake News to publications such as the new york times is anything they do not say first, LOL, yes, its a joke however it is in some ways valid.

The new york times, believes that the internet is not a valid news source, (they tried that before) over and over again, they rail on and on about how the internet is not a good place to get the facts, perhaps that is true in part, however you cant get the truth from the new york times either, so who is to say that you can’t get more truthful commentary on the internet than you can with a news paper that is killing more trees than the cabinet industry.

So, again, you can read Fake news all over the place, it just depends on what your definition of fake is.

For the people and for the voting public of America, Fake News, is a You Tube video being blamed for the deaths of Four American Hero’s who died because of a fake leader, fake politicians who were faking their oaths of office, they were fakes, the real fakes, the new york times are also fake writers, perhaps fake readers as well.

They say that the truth will set you free, we believe that to be the truth.