Fake News?

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For many years we have seen what amounts to fake news…

This is mostly because the Media presented its reporting on the level of a person with a 5 year education.

This was what they did in the past, mostly because for many americans education was a luxury in the 1950s and early 1960s there were far less average americans getting a complete education.

Things have changed…

Most people are far better educated than ever before and that is because of the internet.

At any time day or night if you have a question about science about math about any other subject you can think about, you can look it up on any search engine you like and you can access more information than you can consume.

The truth is that americans are not ignorant, they are not dumb, when the media run across someone they start to get them to see things “Their” way and if they don’t the media tend to treat them like they are just too ignorant and stupid to learn what their “truth” is all about.

This election is about who we are as a nation, If we are a nation of ignorant people who are too dumb to think for themselves and need to be taken care of by everyone but themselves then there are a lot of americans that are in for a rude awakening after this election is over.