corruption in the Media

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Can America Survive the seriously corrupted media?

That is something to seriously consider as we face a new year and a new president.

Will the Media have its way and distort the real news that is not being presented to the public?

The real question is far more important here and that is Should the Media be allowed to have that much power over the people who choose to continue to watch this destructive very small group of people.

When you consider the serious truth here you just about have to start thinking about what must be done to eliminate the threat posed by corrupt media corporations.

That is the real problem that America Faces.

Even now you can see just how terrible and unjust the news coverage is.

What is even more troublesome is the idea that the media faces no accountability for news that results in riots.

Fake news…

They take small bits of the truth and distort them until it appears that the story they present is the truth.

That is fake news.

Fake News.

When you have a corrupted media that tells no truth and only distorts a story until people get out in the street and burn things and riot then you do not have freedom.

That is not the truth that is the real Fake News.

When you have a news organization that is not interested in the truth of the news but would rather report on what a criminal says instead of what a officer of the court says.

That is indeed Fake.

We have seen this happen more than once and what should be supremely disturbing is the idea that the News Media would be happy to become the Judge, Jury and Executioner in place of our current rather broken system of Justice.

Just think about it, they could have Pay Per View, Executions.

Make Billions and who really cares if the person was really guilty or not.

Sounds like a bad movie plot but make no mistake if the corrupt and biased media is allowed to continue to do what they have been doing we face the very real threat that America and its people will cease to exist all because of an out of control Media that Pretends to report but is really an enemy of the people.

In the video below you can see examples of just how wrong the media can be and how disastrous the consequences are when they act stupidly.