Trump wins debate


Trump has won the debate yet you see how the media attempted to distort the truth.

The media do not like the truth because it means that they are loosing. 

When you look at this political election it is a problem and that problem is that the media are acting as subversive agents.

They tell lies, they distort every truth to disguise what is really happening and that is something that the press should not be engaged in doing.  Continue reading…

Sore Looser Republicans?

We have seen some of the most amazing things in this election cycle, corruption, lying, cheating, scratching clawing, cat fighting and more to come and that just covers the media much less the anti patriotic events of the last few days.

Republicans or those that say they are republicans, are betraying the American Voter and you know what makes it even worse?

They don’t care.

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how you can tell the media are lying…

There are so many clues to look for however one of the easiest to spot is disingenuous news stories.

We know the Media are Biased and we know that is not the way that freedom of the press was meant to function.

The thing is the Media are attempting to influence an election they feel they cannot win in the ordinary way.

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Kasich Calamity

The Presidential Candidacy of John Kasich has been a difficult one.

On one hand mr Kasich is a likable fellow but has he taken it too far to say that he would be willing to become the nominee in a contestable way?

Most of us remember how things are in the real world and sometimes it is not fair.

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fox biased news cycle?

Biased Journalism.

For many years Fox News has been at the top of the cable network shows, period and it was for one simple reason they presented a counter view to the failed democratic election attempt in 2000.

Laying aside the controversial nature the press chose to raise in an attempt to basically and allegedly cheat their way into the white house.

There was a single narrative at work in the press and it was staggering how the press and the media attempted to control the election process, reporting often and allegedly fake news statistics, in an effort to influence the west coast of the nations vote.

It has happened far too often and continues to happen today.  Continue reading…

Supreme Court Battle

The next Justice of the Supreme Court could well be decided after the 2016 Election.

While most Democrats tend to favor a quick appointment, (allegedly regardless of that persons qualifications)

Even Harry Reid, who infamously obstructed votes in the Senate for years, (allegedly never considering a Budget)

Seems to think that this should be done post haste.

Is this the best thing for the American Voters?

Find the reason and answer…

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Surprise Iowa result?

Well Folks, were once again about to cross into the realm of reality.

As you may have been lead to believe by an increasingly whining media, Trump is expected to win.

But what if he does not win?

Will the media have anything to say?

Probably not, why is that?

They don’t know what the outcome may be and you know what else is interesting about how the media tends to hype up events?

Did you know that for example just because you win in Iowa does not mean your going to win the Election, serious, after all Iowa is not really a big political player.

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Media do not want to talk about immigration?

Ok, this was something that was discussed at the debate recently.

It is for the most part true.

Which makes you wonder why we seem to intend on making the same mistakes over and over again.

We know the truth, no amount of biased media fodder will change the choices that people make.

Yet, here we are again in an election cycle and were once again battling the media and its single nature.

It is difficult to understand how its possible that people really believe the things that come out of their own mouths.

This is a particular truth when ever you watch broadcast Television.


political malpractice

What if the GOP were so corrupt that they were split into two competing factions.

What if those factions were in part made up of those that are really trying to make a difference and those that are entrenched in graft along with others that have been up in DC for so long that they no longer have any kind of compunction left.

This headline ran in the washington post.

The dysfunctional GOP is failing to govern

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Biased CNN Again?

Are we really here again?

Once again we have a presidential election where a media source is playing with the election. 

In this case we have the presumptive nominee of the democratic party Hillary Clinton.

CNN allegedly is manipulating and or holding their finger on the scale in such a way that the only female Republican candidate will NOT be on the stage with the other male candidates.

Why is that?

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