Trump wins debate

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Trump has won the debate yet you see how the media attempted to distort the truth.

The media do not like the truth because it means that they are loosing. 

When you look at this political election it is a problem and that problem is that the media are acting as subversive agents.

They tell lies, they distort every truth to disguise what is really happening and that is something that the press should not be engaged in doing. 

They do not seem to understand that it is not the duty of the media to side with one candidate over another.

But that is what they are doing.

We the people know this and we are not stupid.

Yet we watch bobble heads like Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, last night they were laughing and talking about how Hillary did well while Trump looked uncomfortable, this is what came out of their mouths.

That is patiently false. 

Megyn Kelly talked about how the “birther” issue was a big deal?


That is insane.

When you look at this situation you have to know that these bobble heads are just not in touch with reality.

They constantly say things like Can Trump do this?

They question over and over again but the truth is clear for anyone to see.

These commentary bobble heads are just basically “Parrots saying what they are told to say”

Who cares about the “birther” issue, no one cares.

Britt Hume also talked about the Birther issue, LOL, that is just plain ignorant.

No one cares.

Later Britt Hume said that Trump was uncomfortable well guess what, you would be too if you had to debate two people instead of a one on one debate.