See what the Media Refuse to show you

If you want to see what is really going on here…

The media are corrupt and dishonest along with Megyn Kelly…

Who is going to stand up to the corrupt Media?

The Media are really going to have to be managed and figured out because what they are doing is subversive.

This is a serious story…


Megyn Kelly Fired?

Should Megyn Kelly be fired for biased news reporting?

This is a serious issue folks because if you accuse one of being a Sexual Predator then certainly that same issue should be applied to another person that is likely the real deal when it comes to being a predator.

Yet, Megyn Kelly refused to say the same thing about Bill Clinton as she did when she suggested that Donald Trump was a sexual predator?

Now that is something that is just hard to understand.


Megyn Kelly Looses ratings

Last Night it was sad to watch a grown woman sputtering around trying to push a false media narrative against a seasoned adult who was just right about everything Kelly was wrong about.

Just like several others on Fox news including Dana Perino, Kelly has become more biased and less factual.

Remember the comments about how Trump refused to accept the fake question that was asked to him and not to Hillary?

Most of America does as well.

Selling out America…


Trump wins debate


Trump has won the debate yet you see how the media attempted to distort the truth.

The media do not like the truth because it means that they are loosing. 

When you look at this political election it is a problem and that problem is that the media are acting as subversive agents.

They tell lies, they distort every truth to disguise what is really happening and that is something that the press should not be engaged in doing. 


Megyn Kelly looks bad

This is the greatest reason why Trump was Right.

Watch as Megyn Kelly shows her true colors.

Then Kelly pits  Bush against Rubio…

So, how does this work to help voters ?

Answer it does not…

Why does this woman continue to pretend to be a journalist.

The truth is she is an entertainer.

A good looking entailer, but that is all she is doing because she does what producers tell her to do.

Over all I can see why Trump did not participate. 


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Fox Gets Black Eye

If you watched the Fox News Debates, you saw some Nasty Questions. 

Really horrible questions.

Mean Questions.


What does that have to do with the election?

2016 debates 2016 election 2016 media bias 2016 presidential election Politics

greedy fox news?

Is Fox News, so awful that they have designed an Entertainment format for the next debate which by the way is tonight.

What IF by Trump moving away from the Fox News Circus Debate they had planned, it changes everything.

You see Donald Trump can likely get more coverage than any of the other debate candidates.

Why not, it makes sense, I think Donald Trump is correct.

2014 vote them out

megyn kelly pepper head?

Well it appears that once again the producers at Fox news have once again engaged in what is clearly a poorly chosen exerciser in using the teleprompter and a certain blond news lady.

Watch video below warning you will see violence..

Which sort of goes to show you that even if you are well educated and a lawyer, that a teleprompter can often make you appear stupid, stupid, stupid.

See the video below, warning some viewers may become ill

At issue was a group of protesters, who were not causing any harm, nor were they physically causing a problem. But they were assaulted, by a man who had an attitude by his body language that he did not care what he did to those students, now what they were doing of course was wrong, but there is a better way to handle the problem.

See video below, warning this may upset some constitutional jurists.

Over the last few weeks we have seen many that just meekly (when asked) or when the police put their hands on them they complied and they were handcuffed and taken away under arrest. But not this time, this time they were sprayed with pepper spray, (which is what they wanted) The thing here is this are we not smarter than those we must make some allowance for in this situations, now if they were being treating, and if they were creating a problem where the officers were in fear for their safety then yes of course do what you can to effect an arrest but in this situation it just did not look good on national TV.


megyn kelly Biased?

Is megyn kelly a biased bobble headed blond?

Now normally we like Megyn but today she came out with a hacket job on the girl that
trusted her to do an interview, that should have been free of bias.

However, it appears to be somewhat of a problem, because there was an omission of facts and even in some cases visual deception.  Now I worry about this kind of what they used to call Yellow Journalism.

I worry about it because it is not fair in its presentation to show a prescription bottle and then not disclaim that the image of the prescription and the dosage depicted may not have been accurate or even indicative of the dosage that this woman was taking.

This story was of course about the missing baby and the mother of that child, which has received national attention.  There was also a doctor that was present that made some inflammatory statements, that are not logical nor backed up by fact,

(should I call this doctor an alleged liar?)

I could, because he made some statements that allegedly were inconsistent, with the facts.

Now, the question now becomes did this doctor do this because a producer at fox news arranged for this doctor to present a certain viewpoint?  It is possible, considering how they
presented the news story in the first place.

The first thing that should be corrected about this news story is that Effexor is a brand name of a drug not a drug itself.  This should have been made abundantly clear and I am
frankly disappointment in Megyn Kelly for not being through on this front.

The drug is venlafaxine HCl This drug is in a class of many different brands of drugs, many of them have several different uses depending on what your doctor prescribes them for, in some cases, this drug can even be used to treat brain damage and head injuries.

 So the drug is an serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) class

It is not an evil drug, likely it has nothing to do with the story in this case, they have presented a situation by using a doctor to allegedly distort the true facts in this story to insinuate certain ideas into the minds of the public, I think this is a sad situation and should it prove that Megyn Kelly was being dishonest in the presentation of this news story I think she should apologize to this young woman.

It is a shame on Fox news and a shame on the profession of being a journalistic professional and I have lost all respect for Megyn Kelly because of this use of alleged Yellow Journalism.

There are millions of people taking this drug and it is unfair to characterize this drug in this way, using a news story to bend the facts to suit your alleged pre conceived assumptions is a sory scum bucket thing to do, you should be ashamed of your self Megyn this is unprofessional and soon if you dont watch what your doing you will be (allegedly) as bad as Jennine pirro, jumping into a news story with no facts at all.


Megyn Kelly

So is it intimidating, only if your black but not white?

In the opening roll of this video you see that powers, tries to reverse the psychology a typical liberal plow to muddy the water, she states, Im sorry that you would treat poor little me this way on the air, (paraphrase and what she really meant) in other words the liberal play book is that when you have an untenable position, one that you cannot defend, (because your wrong) then deflect, and dont answer the question, in this case, it was infuriating that powers, would not admit that she was just wrong, intimidating is the same for white as black so in this case, the failure of the justice system to act, was a slap in the face of all America.

I like it that Megyn deflated the liberals playbook so quickly, by simply stating have you read the testimony in the case presented, ( powers tried again to deflect ) but Megyn was having none of it.

And then faced with the abject failure of the liberal play book, powers does what all liberals do, she blamed bush.

Amazing video, unlike just about any other video you will see online, amazing stuff here.