greedy fox news?

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Is Fox News, so awful that they have designed an Entertainment format for the next debate which by the way is tonight.

What IF by Trump moving away from the Fox News Circus Debate they had planned, it changes everything.

You see Donald Trump can likely get more coverage than any of the other debate candidates.

Why not, it makes sense, I think Donald Trump is correct.

Fox allegedly setup this debate to create a Circus type debate where everything was going to be about Trump, but not in a good way.

Now, Fox is having to scramble, to get everything the right way.

Personally we hope that Mr. Trump does his own event, (with lots of crowds and news coverage) it could actually create a better situation for his campaign.

I do believe that Megyn Kelly was out of line for asking the question in that first debate.


Simple, it was decades old, years and years ago, it was not relevant, it played into the hands of the fake “War on Women”

It was wrong and never should have been asked.

Now is that unforgivable?

No, of course not, but you see little miss can’t be wrong, Megyn Kelly, never admitted that is was wrong to ask the question the way that she asked it, perhaps she believes that she was right, who knows, she might be a left leaning closet liberal who is a secret feminist.

We don’t know and in reality it really does not matter and I doubt that mr. Trump cares either, there have been enough debates, its time for other events to take prescience.

No one knows what might happen, perhaps Mr. Trump with do both events, but I think he would be much better off attending the live event and getting the exclusive coverage over the limited and biased coverage because the media will cover it, leaving Fox out in the cold where they belong.

Lets see if Fox news can think on their feet, since they clearly planned on Mr. Trump being the main topic, now things will change.