2016 debates 2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 GOP 2016 media bias 2016 presidential election Politics

Wall to Wall Election coverage

Welcome to the Media Circus Step Right up…

Come one, Come all, See the Spectacle of the Frenzied Biased Media Apparatus.

The Press has become this mixture of Entertainment, Information and Opinion.

Right now the Media or Press or Ring Master, (circus reference)

Are desperately trying to convince voters to stay home.

One thing that is really interesting is that these great Seers are really blind and naked and they don’t know it.

2016 debates 2016 election 2016 media bias 2016 presidential election Politics

greedy fox news?

Is Fox News, so awful that they have designed an Entertainment format for the next debate which by the way is tonight.

What IF by Trump moving away from the Fox News Circus Debate they had planned, it changes everything.

You see Donald Trump can likely get more coverage than any of the other debate candidates.

Why not, it makes sense, I think Donald Trump is correct.


Political Advertising

When you watch the Media play games with guests its no wonder why fools like Blitz er, seem to just lie and foolishly attempt to smear a guest.

The media have become a Circus of Liars, they play games with the truth and this is not news.

The above video is not news it is every thing but news.

It is Entertainment, Infotainment, that is something that needs to be discouraged, politically motivated gossip has no place in the news at all.