Wall to Wall Election coverage

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Welcome to the Media Circus Step Right up…

Come one, Come all, See the Spectacle of the Frenzied Biased Media Apparatus.

The Press has become this mixture of Entertainment, Information and Opinion.

Right now the Media or Press or Ring Master, (circus reference)

Are desperately trying to convince voters to stay home.

One thing that is really interesting is that these great Seers are really blind and naked and they don’t know it.

Much of the way that elections are prognosticated, (If you believe in ground hogs that is) is usually done by comparing past elections with present data, which as we have determined in this election cycle as in those past is and have been quite flawed.

This time it is more of an intentional flawing or flawed data that has inundated the great (Guessing Apparatus)

Its a Guess, but how and why have the Media begun to be this great Guessing Giants?

Who asked them to become the Crystal Ball Reading Buffoons they have become?

They are wrong because these Greatly Educated People, (GEP) for short, seem to not fully understand the nature of this contest is different than ever before.

We can go through those differences however most people already know about this yet the Media and these GEP’s Appear to have forgotten the basic law of science.

All the Past Elections have involved Men Versus Men.

There has never been a contest between a Woman and a Man for President.

Therefore you cannot compare Mitt Romney versus Barack Husain Obama.

You cannot compare any previous election as part of your great Education and Guessing Games.


Oh yes, you hear correctly, you cannot take that data and play God with it.

Because it is meaningless because those contests were between two men.

Once you look at it that way everything changes (because you looked at it)

Now you see don’t you, this is how the Media have silently misled the American public into thinking that what the media are talking about is valid when it is anything but valid.

Take out the biased information and you have a completely different picture one that the Media do not want the public to find out about and they do not want the voters to realizes how they have been deceived by the media.

If you had a friend that treated you this way how would you feel?

IF you like most people and IF your Human would you likely feel betrayed and hurt.

Want to get Even…


Don’t Stay Home, because you have accidentally been deceived into thinking that its all over for your chosen candidate.

Its not…

Vote because you owe it to your nation and those that come after you.