Megyn Kelly Looses ratings

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Last Night it was sad to watch a grown woman sputtering around trying to push a false media narrative against a seasoned adult who was just right about everything Kelly was wrong about.

Just like several others on Fox news including Dana Perino, Kelly has become more biased and less factual.

Remember the comments about how Trump refused to accept the fake question that was asked to him and not to Hillary?

Most of America does as well.

Selling out America…

Fox is hemorrhaging viewers at an alarming rate more so with Kelly being so banshee with regard to all things Trump.

You folks get it Fox news does not get it.

What they do not seem to understand is if Hillary gets into the white house Fox news will cease to exist.

Is that scary?

It should be mostly because you have to wonder just what kind of sludge rolls around in a mans head when he makes millions showing the public what the main stream media refuse to show and now somehow moves the platform left when the nation is moving right.

That just seems sad…

I was so happy to see Fox news come on the scene in 2000 when it became obvious that the news media was attempting to control everything about what was happening in the 200o election, Fox news stood up to the bullies in the main stream media and made a huge dent in the ratings of those former giants.

Is that all about to come to a screeching halt with comments from Kelly who apparently cannot manage her personal bias long enough to remain cognizant.

My Wife and My mother have been long time fans of Kelly for years, but not anymore.

Her bias has lost the respect of these two woman, I lost it a long time ago when she sold out to the left side of the view.

If kelly does not move to the right she is going to loose her show or is that what this is all about they (the producers) at Fox news forced her to move to the left or is that just the way she is or was all along?

one thing seems clear the show is in trouble.

When you start to argue with people who are clearly in the right and your in the wrong that is not a good thing.

People started watching Megyn Kelly because she was fair and factual but that has changed and yes some do watch her because she is attractive but that is not enough in todays marketplace.

I can handle fair but when you start to use unproven lies as a media narrative that is just wrong.

What Kelly did last night was to try to push this media narrative that the election is already over and that Trump can’t win no matter what he does.

Now let me help you understand what that really is doing and what that really is saying.

What they are doing is telling you the voter that your vote does not count.

Does that really make you angry?

It really should, so basically what Kelly and the rest of the fox news (family of broadcasters) is trying to tell you is that you should not bother to vote.

Your vote no longer counts.

Anti Trump….

You should just stay at home and not vote for Trump.

That is what they are saying when they keep on beating their drums about this or that which is not even a news story compared with what is really happening on the other side of the isle.

This ideal that the election is already over is offensive to the American People and it is time that the media begin to cover the news instead of acting like a tabloid publication with almost no credibility.