Worst hurricane since the 1800s

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To watch the media tell the news you would think that this is the worst storm since the early 1800s, drama and hype is part of the news cycle these days as most people know along with the political tampering with elections and psychological derogatory and defamatory use of language.

Indeed this may in fact result in a flood that is worse than the flooding that resulted because of Katrina.

Now that is something that is going to be a huge issue in the upcoming election.

How will this effect the election?

In many ways it could create some serious issues with trust.

We know that in a recent case there was a case where a man registered more than 20 people that were officially deceased and he was caught because one of the election officials knew one of those so called newly registered voters.

Many voters just do not trust the voting officials and for good reason.

We have people in local city governments that are “Offended” by the display of the American Flag…

That is insane.

So, yes, Houston there is a problem…

One thing that needs to be done is to begin monitoring polls, posting images of people we know are voting in more than one voting location.

Every election the dead rise up and vote.

This year will be no different however one thing seems very clear, with social media it will be much more difficult to get away with cheating.

As well the only way to combat this issue is to vote.

Do not sit at home thinking that your vote does not count.

The simple and sad truth here is clear more of the living must vote than those that are dead.

That is the truth…