Kasich Calamity

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The Presidential Candidacy of John Kasich has been a difficult one.

On one hand mr Kasich is a likable fellow but has he taken it too far to say that he would be willing to become the nominee in a contestable way?

Most of us remember how things are in the real world and sometimes it is not fair.

Sometimes that is just the way it is and you just have to move beyond those limitations and do the right thing for everyone.

If Mr Kasich is indeed a good man and I believe that he is or should be then it is only logical that he should retire from this presidential race.

It is difficult to understand why a man would prefer to “Cheat” his way into the white house.

That would be wrong. 

By the People for the People…

The very idea that a presidential candidate could do this or would be willing to do this is very wrong.

We are a Republic not a Banana Republic.