fox biased news cycle?

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Biased Journalism.

For many years Fox News has been at the top of the cable network shows, period and it was for one simple reason they presented a counter view to the failed democratic election attempt in 2000.

Laying aside the controversial nature the press chose to raise in an attempt to basically and allegedly cheat their way into the white house.

There was a single narrative at work in the press and it was staggering how the press and the media attempted to control the election process, reporting often and allegedly fake news statistics, in an effort to influence the west coast of the nations vote.

It has happened far too often and continues to happen today. 

Fox news…

Just today, Fox news presented opinions by guests with an agenda and failed to properly assess the discussion.

It was biased…

No other way to put it, the comments were from a partisan democrat who favors one candidate, this is not only improper news but also when a liar stands up in your midst and yells that the sky is falling we stand up and tell the truth.

(Who cares if the sky is falling right)

Can you imagine a criminal who is also a politician, (there may be a few that are not) but who are we kidding here right.

Not judging it just seems like the days of great men doing great things has come far and few between lately.

The thing here is this, the media are doing what they feared would be done to them in the 1960s, Mind Control, opps now that is laden with conspiracy right, but no its not a conspiracy at least for the most part it is not but what it is could be said to be far more dangerous.

People are people, even with all the self help seminars, the workshops, the retreats, even vacations, as a Homo Sapian’s race we have changed little over the years.

Meaning that behavior has not changed only our perception of that behavior.

Knowledge is power, in every way that matters most.

We as a nation are the people. 

If we want to change the alleged corruption going on in Washington, the blatant lies that are told by politicians to get votes then later they seem to betray the trust of the American people at every opportunity.

We have to become educated, we have to vote and we have to send a message to Washington that were not going to be betrayed by our own people.

That is what they are doing on a regular basis, allowing a different presentation of the truth than what the truth actually is.

That is biased journalism and it stinks. 

It stinks and everyone knows it does. 

Why not vote and send a message to Washington.

Perhaps it is time to set the record feature on your set top box and get out there and make a difference.

Silence is the only thing that ensure the next generation of our future and our children’s future are enslaved and treated cruelly, yes that is a hard thing to say, harder to imagine that it might actually happen some day.

We know all of these things because our fathers and mothers did what had to be done in the 1940s.

They are known as the Greatest Generation and they are leaving us faster than any of us realized, sure they did a few popular movies, did some documentaries, a few memorial documentaries, all in all I would say there are yet stories to tell about that courage and the sincere belief in your nation and its people, it was a time that few of us now remember, one thing is clear they sacrificed their sons and daughters to make a difference.

I suppose the only worse thing would be to watch your nation being torn apart and do nothing.