repealing health care

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Or should do we need to start over again and focus on the real problem, special interests, unions, and insurance companies.

Is it good or is it bad, many people want to know because the real answer here may not be with health care at all.

It might be that we need insurance reform.

If that is true how did congress get so far off the beaten path?

The people have spoken, we did not need health care reform, but I and many others do believe we need Insurance reform, which is what is causing so many of the health care problems we face, the liberals keep adding in their talking points about how people with pre existing conditions, are not covered, by health care, but are they really talking about health care insurance?

The answer to that is self evident, but just in case there are some liberals reading this, (you never know)

Pre Existing conditions, are a part of the health insurance industry, not the health care industry, see the difference.

I sure hope they can because this entire health care bill that was passed against the will of the people is coming back.

This time it needs to be done right.

So we need insurance reform because for one thing, the costs of insurance are getting way out of hand, we have people that pay in premiums for a life time, I mean 30 years of high premiums, imagine paying 300 per month for 30 years and at the end of that time period, you get (nothing) thats right, if you go 30 years without a claim, and you die, you get nothing.

So, what is going on in the insurance industry?

Record profits, lavish spending budgets, millions on spent on public relations, campaigns, millions more spend on special interest lobbies. If you want to really change the face of health care start where the money changers are controlling the money and that is with the insurance companies, which many are controlled by unions.

Imagine that.

Folks, it is time to stop the corruption in our nations capitol.

Vote them out repeal health care and end this garbage that we have been putting up for all these years.