NPR sorry, really?

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Is NPR really sorry,

I mean or are they sorry they did not wait, three weeks to do the same thing to Juan?

Is this not like a snake lying to the mouse?

Its like the Aesop Fable, no one really believes that stuff, but wow, I guess there is no end to how stupid they think people are out there.

Thanks NPR,

Oh, no I will not eat you…

You know what, Too Little Too late, this alleged, snake should be fired.

Simple as that, America does not need this kind of Garbage.

Fire her or loose your public funding, simple as that.

Is NPR like a Snake in the Grass, Lying to Americans under the guise of pretending to be a public benefactor?

Here is the thing for so many years, NPR has supported an agenda, which is contrary, to what most people would expect a publicly funded company to achieve.

Still they Lie, when given a chance, they still do not apologize for what they did, they only say that they could have done a better job, of firing the guy, really?

You have to be kidding right, I mean that is just stupid, you know when someone is unwilling to admit that they made a mistake, it is a sign of not being fully mature.

Acting like a child.

Simple, get rid of this child, then your problems go away…

Should not be a hard choice to make, this person is not capable of being in charge of a large publicly funded company.

Fire the CEO…