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Mozilla Firefox Discrimination?

The truth the Media does not want you to understand…

 Discrimination by any other name is still discrimination. 

Mozilla Firefox, Discriminated against the CEO they hired, Why did they violate the law?

Imagine what would happen if someone fired a gay person because it would be disruptive. 

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin;

    When you look at the laws it is clear that the media is not concerned with the law when it works the other way around. 

    Were curious why the media is not reporting on the facts about this situation. 


Post office in trouble?

Could the days of the post office be numbered?

With millions of vehicles, that consume an unbelievable amount of gasoline and contributing to billions of tons of greenhouse gases, does it make sense that the post office still be the number one consumer of preventable spending in the government?

There is a debate that is going on now about how much of the post office do we really need now, and how much of the post office might be replaced with other more affordable options.  It is entirely possible that the post office could sell off one half of its fleet, and reduce its costs, it could reduce the high payout of its costs, by reducing the amount of retirement payments, (much like the car companies have become unstable due to high costs of maintaining non productive members,)

One thing that is really interesting is the salary of the post master general, what company do you know of that pays out an alleged over $800,000.00 for what amounts to a CEO, that has managed to consistently loose money over the last two years, in fact perhaps many years the post office may have been quietly loosing money to practices that have made the post office not able to sustain a profitable enterprise.

What will they do, will they lay off employees, many of which could be said to be receiving benefits that are costing tax payers Billions of dollars.



The intent of the heart

When you think about the dream that has sustained a nation for more than 200 years, you have to consider that men have fought and died, for that freedom…

When you begin to imagine the future of America it is hard to think about what you see in the stock markets today as something that is good leadership. It is hard to imagine that this is hope and change…

When you look at the value of the dollar and the value of the economy and the number of jobs lost, it is obvious that the policies of the last three years just are not working.

Blaming bush is not working…

Blaming S & P is not working…

Blaming everyone for everything is not working…

Why is that?

Simple really it is not leadership…

You cannot lead the world, when you cannot provide leadership examples. In any organization the end result is the entire responsibility of the CEO of that organization, if everything goes right, then that CEO gets a great pay check and they get all the rewards that comes with doing a good job, you never see a CEO come out and say, well sorry our stock had not performed this year, it was the fault of that pretty girl I met last week I was just so distracted that I missed the curve and had a wreck. Yet, when you do that you undermine not only your own ability to lead but also the confidence that everyone else has in your ability to drive a car, let alone the idea that you also have no leadership skill, this nation needs some leadership, someone who will stand up and do the right thing for the American people.

What that means right now is yes to fulfill the oath, to defend the constitution.

When you lead you represent more than just your own thoughts and more than just your own needs or wants, you have to think for that organization, you have to consider more than just your own desires, otherwise how can you lead? There are some needs in this nation that need to be met, this does include health care, however, if it comes down to loosing an election how long will what you have accomplished remain? Not long at all, simply because the cost of such infamy, is too high. In order to truly lead we must have the ability to look beyond the small borders of what we “think” is right and learn what is really right, that means that to continue in failure is not really an option at all here, we cannot just keep on trying to get a different outcome by doing the same things over and over again, that is madness.

There are some good leadership ideas out there, starting with a Flat Tax, to get the revenue that will pull us out of this tail spin, a fair tax, as they call it is not only fair, but prudent, it would bring in Billions of dollars, but that is not enough because we have seen what happens when a lot of money is available they spend it, yes, just like many people would do, if they suddenly had a lot of money and were not used to having that much money they would spend it on dumb things, however, we cannot afford to do that, we are more than the sum of our fears, and the means of our minds, we are America, that means that not only are we what we represent ourselves to be but also we are our future generations of Americans.

What this means is that we simply cannot just give up and say oh well, we messed it up and now its just over, well that is just not the case at all, what needs to happen next is simple, we do need to pass Cut, Cap Balance, and Flat Tax, that is what the doctor ordered and that is what will get us out of this mess, if the president is not capable of leading then the congress is required to do it for him. It is time that we the people stand up for what is right, because we do not have the time to wait for the 2012 election we must act now, that means calling your congressman and state senators, and making it known to them that we need, a Cut Cap Balance and Flat Tax bill. It is not that hard to do, really you just put one foot in front of the other…

It is the intent of the heart that counts here and that intent must stand for liberty and freedom for all, not just the wants of the few but the needs of the many.

NPR Radio

Tax Money for NPR?

Fire that woman, how much is it worth to keep this CEO is it really worth over 400 million dollars, since that is likely what it will cost the NPR network to keep this shameful and alleged, incompetent, on as the CEO,

More Calls come in for the Firing of CEO of NPR, allegedly,

Many people are beginning to wonder why NPR is still obtaining money from tax dollars and shoves them down your throat.

Even though they do not represent nor support anyone having a view besides their limited view.

It is a shame and it is disgusting, while in the past we have supported NPR we no longer will be either listening nor supporting NPR in any way at all.

Good luck on your next telethon you alleged bigots.


NPR sorry, really?

Is NPR really sorry,

I mean or are they sorry they did not wait, three weeks to do the same thing to Juan?

Is this not like a snake lying to the mouse?

Its like the Aesop Fable, no one really believes that stuff, but wow, I guess there is no end to how stupid they think people are out there.

Thanks NPR,

Oh, no I will not eat you…

You know what, Too Little Too late, this alleged, snake should be fired.

Simple as that, America does not need this kind of Garbage.

Fire her or loose your public funding, simple as that.

Is NPR like a Snake in the Grass, Lying to Americans under the guise of pretending to be a public benefactor?

Here is the thing for so many years, NPR has supported an agenda, which is contrary, to what most people would expect a publicly funded company to achieve.

Still they Lie, when given a chance, they still do not apologize for what they did, they only say that they could have done a better job, of firing the guy, really?

You have to be kidding right, I mean that is just stupid, you know when someone is unwilling to admit that they made a mistake, it is a sign of not being fully mature.

Acting like a child.

Simple, get rid of this child, then your problems go away…

Should not be a hard choice to make, this person is not capable of being in charge of a large publicly funded company.

Fire the CEO…


NPR racist?

Is NPR racist?

Can it be true?

Could they be alleged, Racists?

In what world would a white person fire the only Black man in its employ as a news person.

This is Evil and NPR should be shut down they are no longer a real communications company they are allegedly a left wing organization that may have violated the law.

The world wants to know, allegedly CEO Vivian shiller, allegedly fired Juan Williams after he expressed his right to free speech.

This is an amazing thing, NPR allegedly Stands for National Public Radio.

What is wrong with an organization that fires the only black male on the air over his right to free speech?

That my friends as Garaflo, would allegedly say is Racism Straight up…

airline saftey

White Woman, Calls Black man crazy?

Ok, now this is a crazy story but and I repeat for those that are used to listening to NPR, is this woman fit to be the CEO of NPR?

Where is the NAACP, they can play the race card at every opportunity, when it benefits them politically, but when it really happens like with Juan Williams, then silence?

My friends this is why you can no longer trust these organizations that are only in existence for one thing and that is to uphold one point of view the liberal one, all other points of view are not to be tolerated, yet they preach that we should be tolerant?

The sad thing is that they are the ones that need to be tolerant, they are the ones that need to stop being bigoted.

aclu acorn apology mistake

Did NPR break any Federal laws?

Now this may not be popular but I can tell you one thing, this is evil, when they fired Juan Williams, they really made a serious mistake, plus accepting money from foreign contributors could be a federal crime?

We want to know for sure, one thing remains clear, NPR is no longer a public radio station, they should be called nationalist Private Radio, The CEO needs to be fired, and anyone under her that participated in this alleged racism.

Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams and has stated that he will no be supporting NPR financially.

We feel the same way, All tax dollars need to be revoked by congress in fact if there were justice they would be required to return the millions of dollars they have already received.

NPR, could be allegedly called national Public Racists, how about that for a handle, this is sick and it makes you want to puke.