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The right Stuff

This morning the people have spoken and that means that
Harry Reid is now Fired.

The truth is clear the party of No was lead by Harry Reid.

So who exactly is the party of NO….

Seriously, Why?

The democrats have a talking point about the party of NO.

We now know who is the party of NO.


Collasp of the Economy?

The United States has since 1913 had a credit rating of AAA

That is no longer the case and it did not happen under Bush and it did not happen under Clinton, it happened under President Obama and the diasterous leadership that has been taking place for the last three years.










Dire predictions are being heard all over the Internet.

They say that the end of the world is near…

The sky is falling, the end of the world is near, the cliff is just over yonder way.

But, is that really a serious thing or are they just smoking crack in the stands again?

You have to wonder about some of the strange things that are going on these days, like the media pretending that
the tea party is actually making a difference, when the lie is so obvious that some of these people actually believe
their own lies.  You have to wonder about that kind of stuff going on when the media tries to convince itself of its
own bad writing.

So what happens next, will they start jumping out of windows again?

While that might sound a little like wishful thinking for some at least, the truth is that unless America is really broke and
That may actually be a real possibility if the democrats don’t get off their butts and do something real for a change.

Amazing stuff here folks the media really thinks that people believe what they say, are they really that dumb?

Probably and what is even more interesting here is the fact that we have currently enough Natural Gas to power this nation
for the next 2000 years, enough coal to power the United states for more than 250 years, enough alternative fuels to power this
nation for the next 1000 years, yet, somehow were broke?

Funny stuff here folks, dont jump out the window just yet…





Reid Bill Defeated and Destroyed

So all that stuff that Harry Reid was saying Sunday, what did it really mean?

Well it should come as no surprise that Harry Reid has Failed the American people or is that accurate at all?

The thing is how can we find a method of getting a vote?

Harry Reid, has had his vote, why can he not allow a vote on what the American people want?

That is a serious problem, should Reid be recalled?

WE need to do the right thing for the American people because this is wrong what Reid is doing is wrong.



The end of Fox news?

Are we about to watch the end of Fox news?

It is a valid question, over the last few weeks, we have seen the trademark fair and ballanced, network move allegedly toward the left in an effor to try to seem like they are more fair, but are they really fair?

You watch the commercials that Fox news is running on TV and you see how they seem to be selling stuff that you used to only see on the sci fi channel, you know the kind of stuff that only the most desperate producers allow on thier news stations.

Amazing, when you think about it, there are several other news companies that have already tried and failed this type of news yet, now fox news seems to think that this is the best method of moving ahead?

Strange days indeed folks.

As some may be wondering did Glenn Beck see the light and jump off the sinking fox news ship?

There is a great deal of difference between the fox news of 2001 and the fox news of 2011 can I say that fox really used to be a great network, but now sadly the producers are allegedly all liberals, with a point to prove, hope you dont have any Fox stock in your pocket.

So will fox will be a news company or will it slowly become an entertainment company?


Electronic vote fraud

Considering all the challenges that face so many states about the abuse of the current voting system, how can we ever expect anyone else to take the US seriously when we have a broken system

This stuff is just amazing how is it that, how can we ask other nations to have honest elections when we allegedly refuse to do so.

You just cant make this stuff up folks.

When special interests can go around tampering (allegedly) with the lives of millions of Americans and no one allegedly does anything at all to stop it?

What is wrong with people that will not even stand up and say Hey, you must stop ruining my children’s future.


Tired of the constant misery of Fox news?

It is hard to believe, however, apparently Fox news has covered little else since the tragic shooting story started on saturday, cancelling numerous regular programming in favor of yet more often useless and even allegedly inaccurate reporting.

Are you sick of the constant coverage of the tragedy in Arizona?

Have you noticed that fox news has allegedly not covered anything, since this trouble, which brings up the question how much is enough and how much is too much?

Are the producers mentally ill at fox news because you might have to wonder about such things after a while, you feel like watching the news is the most depressing thing in the world, I mean who is actually in charge of the production department over there, interns?

I mean that is what it feels like, it is time to allow the coverage to move on, this constant rehashing of news is an abomination to good decent people all over the world, which speaks a great deal to the strange ways fox news has of covering the news.

Do they somehow thing that what they are doing is desirable?

Because after about one hour of that stuff, you feel like you need to go seek help from a doctor, because your so depressed from all the drama and contemptuous coverage.

I hope they fire someone over there and get a real program director because what they are producing is not fit for human consumption.


Fox news calling races too early?

Did fox news make calls too early?

Is Fox making predictions that may
not be true?

So what is up with that stuff, why is fox making calls based on half butt information?

no one knows for sure but it remains to be seen because it is still very early and perhaps fox should not be calling some of these races too early.

Is fox news facing the possible embarASSing position of having to apologize to its viewers for publishing inaccurate information?

What are they thinking?

Why are they thinking it?


NPR sorry, really?

Is NPR really sorry,

I mean or are they sorry they did not wait, three weeks to do the same thing to Juan?

Is this not like a snake lying to the mouse?

Its like the Aesop Fable, no one really believes that stuff, but wow, I guess there is no end to how stupid they think people are out there.

Thanks NPR,

Oh, no I will not eat you…

You know what, Too Little Too late, this alleged, snake should be fired.

Simple as that, America does not need this kind of Garbage.

Fire her or loose your public funding, simple as that.

Is NPR like a Snake in the Grass, Lying to Americans under the guise of pretending to be a public benefactor?

Here is the thing for so many years, NPR has supported an agenda, which is contrary, to what most people would expect a publicly funded company to achieve.

Still they Lie, when given a chance, they still do not apologize for what they did, they only say that they could have done a better job, of firing the guy, really?

You have to be kidding right, I mean that is just stupid, you know when someone is unwilling to admit that they made a mistake, it is a sign of not being fully mature.

Acting like a child.

Simple, get rid of this child, then your problems go away…

Should not be a hard choice to make, this person is not capable of being in charge of a large publicly funded company.

Fire the CEO…