Tired of the constant misery of Fox news?

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It is hard to believe, however, apparently Fox news has covered little else since the tragic shooting story started on saturday, cancelling numerous regular programming in favor of yet more often useless and even allegedly inaccurate reporting.

Are you sick of the constant coverage of the tragedy in Arizona?

Have you noticed that fox news has allegedly not covered anything, since this trouble, which brings up the question how much is enough and how much is too much?

Are the producers mentally ill at fox news because you might have to wonder about such things after a while, you feel like watching the news is the most depressing thing in the world, I mean who is actually in charge of the production department over there, interns?

I mean that is what it feels like, it is time to allow the coverage to move on, this constant rehashing of news is an abomination to good decent people all over the world, which speaks a great deal to the strange ways fox news has of covering the news.

Do they somehow thing that what they are doing is desirable?

Because after about one hour of that stuff, you feel like you need to go seek help from a doctor, because your so depressed from all the drama and contemptuous coverage.

I hope they fire someone over there and get a real program director because what they are producing is not fit for human consumption.