Liberals show how dumb they are?

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Are the liberals showing just how ignorant they really are with trying to stop what is a good bill from the house and trying to change it into a disaster?

So what is wrong with someone that allegedly is diligently attempting to sabotage, the stock market, allegedly, this is what is going to happen, if the liberals like Harry Reid, have their way then the stock market will crash, the economy will hit bottom and a second depression will hit.

Is that the hope and change you voted for?

The reason this is dumb, well its simple really, for years and years, really since the Regan Years, Republicans have been saying that less government and less taxes means that the economy can grow.

While the democrats say that more government and more taxes is the way to spend you way out of debt.

So now they have a change probably the best one in years to prove what they think is true by allowing the original bill the one that the house and the republicans passed on.

So here is how it works, if the economy rebounds because the stock market likes the return to Reaganomics, and the economy is re-started, then the democrats win because they acted on behalf and in the best interest of the American people.

However, if it does not work then the democrats can say, See we told you so.

Reaganomics just does not work and wee need to spend our way out of debt by spending more and more and more and more money.

A true win win situation, that is unless they know that this will result in real growth and they want to stop it now so they can what?

be wrong?

BE stupid?

Be dumb?