Health care concerns

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Are you concerned about health care?

You should be…

If your younger your probably not very interested in this topic however that would be a huge mistake.

It may take a few years for the changes to really be seen however when you need health care it will become very important to your state of mind.

Join the Crowds of thousands of Americans, but is it as bad as the media seems to be saying it is?

The truth is many of us don’t know because we have not read the bill as well most of those in congress have also not read the bill either.

If you read the front end of the information it really sounds good but again you really cannot fully understand it until you actually read and comprehend the bill.

You can do that here.

In many ways we needed this and for the most part we also know that no one wanted to do this, not the democrats or the republicans, nor were the health care services industry interested in that either.  

No one wanted to do this but it needed to be done.

Now that we have a plan even if that plan may be somewhat flawed what do we do to make sure that the health reform is not turned against the very people it was meant to protect and help enhance their lives.

That question is one that perhaps has not been asked by the media who are so quick to be negative about every aspect concerning health care in this nation.

 Find out more about health care reform here.


We all want and need quality health care the fact is that right now there are so many patients that for the most part the quality of health care has diminished.

When you have a doctor that must see 100 patients a day and he only has about 8 to 10 minutes per patient it is easy to miss something that might be important to that patients quality of life.