Health care black market

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We are about to embark on a health care journey that will frighten most adults and it should frighten you.

The truth about health care is that it has already changed, it changed as soon as the law was passed but no one knew what was in the bill.

Nancy P did not know, Harry Reid did not know, even the white house did not know.

What you should be concerned with now is how are you going to manage your health care in the future because what you thought you had is now gone.

Millions of Americans have lost their insurance and millions more are about to loose it but they just don’t know it yet.

Back when this bill was passed in the dead of the night the insurance companies began to actually read the bill unlike your elected officials that voted for this monster.

 So now consider this the demand for self pay services has increased to a degree that has never been seen before and the evidence of that is in all the services that have begun to spring up all over the US.

 You pay a fee and you get health care, they will bill your insurance company which will in turn probably deny your claim but you will not care because by this time you will need that care and you will not care what it costs to get that care.


The truth about the insurance companies is that they may have been complicit in writing this bill in the first place because if your elected Representative did not read or write the bill then who did?

Another truth that you will soon learn is that back when the bill was rammed down the throats of the American public the insurance companies quietly gutted all their health care plans in such a way as to deny coverage to paying subscribers, (allegedly)


Think about that for a moment, back in 2008 a Gold Humana Care plan with premium riders would allow you to obtain surgery for a deductible of just $100.00

Now that same policy no longer exists and in its place that same surgery is now going to cost you $20,000.00

Yes you read correctly.


You will now pay large sums of money for the same services that used to be included in your policy and you will also pay higher premiums for that poor quality service.

Just know one thing for sure if you do not have a pile of money and you get sick then you will end up in a world of hurt.

Vote because those fools in congress will never live by the laws they write for everyone else.