Your Choice?

Hours Away from a choice that will effect this nation for years to come.

Will we become a nation of loss?

Will we become the America we were in the past?

Will we continue down the same path that has led us to this place and time?

The truth here is that it is in your hands.

The truth if you dare to see it. . .


Fake Debate?

CBS NEWS, has just created a CIRCUS…

This is not a debate…

It is a huge foolish dog and pony show but what seem’s to be so interesting here is how well Pence is doing right now.

Pence is doing so well it is Amazing.

kaine seems lost with constant use of talking points without any foundation in the truth.

There is no Fact checking, but I can tell you one thing is clear, Trump made a wise choice…

Funny Video below.


Look its a red herring

Hey, guess what the media are out there all over again talking about stuff that well is just plain less than smart and close to ignorance, but its the media right, thats what they do.

Well, you might wonder at all the nasty talk that the media engage in on a daily basis.

It truly is disgusting, in many ways, so much so that broadcast television has lost much of its viewership over the years.

This is why CNN is not well respected, along with all the garbage that they produce, sometimes you just have to wonder are they sick?

Do they have a mental defect?



Jared and Subway…

The most horrible news surfaced earlier this month and perhaps just before as well.

The Subway Promotional featuring a man who had lost a lot of weight eating subway and exercising.

You just have to wonder what in the world was going on inside that crazy head, but then again there are many hundreds of situations just like this one probably happening right in your own neighborhood.

Just yesterday there was a radio news story about a man who was keeping a woman chained to a bed and the rest of the story is just too awful to talk about.

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gun rights insanity

It would have been UN thinkable only a few years ago for anyone to attempt to take advantage of the grief and sorrow of a tragedy and horrible event where innocent men and woman lost their lives.

However those that seek gun control apparently do not care about the loss of life and the horrible grief that the victims families face in the wake of the actions of a sick human being.


race baiters

We all watched as the race baiters all participated in fermenting the violence that ended in the lost lives of two police officers in NYC.

Think about that for a moment, the Race Hustlers, like this man…

It is because of people like this that two innocent police officers are now dead.

Did they intend for this to happen?

No, they probably did not intend for more people to die but that is what happened and that is what you can expect to happen when you race bait.

When you begin to yell and scream smoke then eventually fire will follow.

When you stand up in front of thousands of people and you begin to paint with a wide brush that is racism.

What is even worse here for the racism baiters is the fact that it was two minorities that were murdered. 

What does this have to do with preaching the gospel like Martin Luther King did, he spoke through love not the way you see these men doing today, it would be condemned.

It should be condemned for what it is, an industry that makes money from the loss of life and the misery and grief of those who have lost family.

IT is time that these men are revealed for what they are. 

Ravening wolves in the clothing of sheep. 

How long will we tolerate these war mongers?


protests against police turn deadly?

In sad news breaking this afternoon, two New York minorities lost their lives.

They were targeted and profiled and they were murdered. 

There have been protests all over New York, with the slogan “kill cops” and “dead cops” the media covered this story until someone saw it and did the “unthinkable”

Two NYPD officers ‘assassinated’ while sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn by gunman who boasted on Instagram about ‘revenge’ killing cops

horror and media complacency.



More Media Frenzy

The second case where Race has been injected by the media in as many weeks?

It makes you wonder just what the media are up to.

Lets think about a few things in these two issues the circumstances were radically different.

Yet the media tend to draw no difference in covering the news story.

Politics redskins

Washington Redskins

Well, it appears that the Washington Redskins have lost
their trade mark?

You heard right and it’s really insulting the reputation of the United States Patent Office…

Should all patent decisions be made for political reasons? 

Can you get a patent on being offended?

What if everyone that might be offended one day were to complain about how offensive the patent office is and how the patents they issue are offensive, can we get rid of that office completely?

After all what good are they anyway besides supplying a steady work flow for attorneys and tying up corporations with lawsuits for years.

Everyone knows that most really good ideas are duplicated within a few weeks or months, no one really cares much…

The truth about allowing politically correct offensives is that it brings shame to the table of right minded men and women.

We are ashamed of the US patent office and we are offended by their political behavior, its time to abolish this office, they are not needed.


Bill O’reilly losing his touch?

Is Bill o’reilly losing touch with parts of his mind?

You might and could say that he sometimes appears to be Wishy Washy, but there are times when he is supporting the other side of an argument, more so when a topic may not be exactly clear at least in the minds of the producers, correction the small minds of the producers. 

You see there are times when he seems completely logical and other times when you would swear that he has lost common sense. 

Were not sure, but we like the fiery Bill from back in 2000.