Fake Debate?

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CBS NEWS, has just created a CIRCUS…

This is not a debate…

It is a huge foolish dog and pony show but what seem’s to be so interesting here is how well Pence is doing right now.

Pence is doing so well it is Amazing.

kaine seems lost with constant use of talking points without any foundation in the truth.

There is no Fact checking, but I can tell you one thing is clear, Trump made a wise choice…

Funny Video below.

Basically it appears that Kain has nothing to say at all.

What this looks like is a rehash of all the strategies that all the republicans tried to use to defeat Trump.

Guess what ???

They failed!!!

kaine seems UNABLE…

This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, what kind of garbage is happening in the media when you see this kind of nonsense coming from a man who is obviously attacking the Trump Campaign with ignorance.

When you look at how dishonest even the moderator is here how can you trust anything they say?

Once again Pence speaks eloquently and positively while the moderator seeks to act as a subversive agent where the incorrect media view is full of ignorance.

They use far left talking points, that are false.

Kaine, seems to keep trying to paint 60 percent of America as racist.

What kind of person is kaine really?

Is he the kind of Vice President that speaks lies constantly with ZERO FACT CHECKING….