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  • Fake Debate?

    CBS NEWS, has just created a CIRCUS… This is not a debate… It is a huge foolish dog and pony show but what seem’s to be so interesting here is how well Pence is doing right now. Pence is doing so well it is Amazing. kaine seems lost with constant use of talking points without […]

  • White house files charges against Zimmerman?

    Wow, ok hold your breath now, just when you think that the circus in Washington DC cannot get any Crazier, you see something like this. Is this the America you grew up in?  

  • An ounce of prevention

    Benjamin Franklin once said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” How true that is, with regard to the most recent congressional circus and caucus, you have to wonder, just what they really are doing up there, Liberals on some of the news stations, blaming one side or the other, for […]

  • Stupid Judges?

    Over the last few months the trial of Casey Anthony was a great demonstration of how not to prosecute a case. You saw evidence submitted that was not even scientifically sound, (an electronic sniffer gadget) which is based on some pretty shaky, scientific ground, it has been used effectively for detecting criminal actions, like the […]

  • The court of public opinion

    First there was the Duke Case, then several other cases where charges were filed that should not have been filed. So what is up with this nonsense. Are we watching the end of the legal system in America, some say that eventually we might see all cases tried in the media, apparently with this casey […]

  • donut hole lies

    Ok, this is official, (allegedly)  I am now in the donut hole, how long did it take, less than 30 days. You must pay 93 percent of the cost of a generic price, (which allegedly the pharmacies have marked up the price) or you can choose to pay half the cost of brand name drugs, […]