donut hole lies

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Ok, this is official, (allegedly)  I am now in the donut hole, how long did it take, less than 30 days.

You must pay 93 percent of the cost of a generic price, (which allegedly the pharmacies have marked up the price)

or you can choose to pay half the cost of brand name drugs, which allegedly the pharmacies have market up the price in some instances as much as 70 percent allegedly so that it would look like a discount of 50 percent is being given sadly this is not correct and it is not a solution to the donut hole.

In a news story some weeks ago liberal democrats were using a talking point about how the donut hole would be eliminated, however, the truth may be something totally different.

What they failed to say was that allegedly only retail medication would be covered at the rate of 50 percent off of which the cost has increased at an alarming rate.

So the donut hole thing, big alleged lie, at least that is what we are seeing right this second, will it change?

No one knows for sure, the one thing we do know the cost of insurance has gone up, in 2008 our cost was $228.00 per month that insurance plan is no longer available, the coverage was canceled and broken into smaller coverages.

So much for being able to keep your promises or your insurance for that matter.

Next, is the cost of the scaled down coverage.

Not only are we now paying more for less insurance but we are paying a lot more for a lot less.

This year our cost is $578.00 per month and the coverages are half of what we received in 2008.

Two years later and health care reform is an utter failure, but the liberals said that it would be better.

They said the donate hole would be gone, they said a lot of things, when they were making their talking points so allegedly that is all it was a bunch of alleged hot air.

It is disturbing to realize that now if I need medical care it will most likely bankrupt me.

So much for health care reform.

The truth is that we now have less coverage for more money, when will we learn that you cannot trust people in congress to do what they say they will do when they are running for election.

People are dying, people are not receiving health care and it is those people who are paying for the so called health care reform, allegedly this liberal democrat circus that everyone is calling congress is nothing but one big fat alleged lie.