Washington Redskins

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Well, it appears that the Washington Redskins have lost
their trade mark?

You heard right and it’s really insulting the reputation of the United States Patent Office…

Should all patent decisions be made for political reasons? 

Can you get a patent on being offended?

What if everyone that might be offended one day were to complain about how offensive the patent office is and how the patents they issue are offensive, can we get rid of that office completely?

After all what good are they anyway besides supplying a steady work flow for attorneys and tying up corporations with lawsuits for years.

Everyone knows that most really good ideas are duplicated within a few weeks or months, no one really cares much…

The truth about allowing politically correct offensives is that it brings shame to the table of right minded men and women.

We are ashamed of the US patent office and we are offended by their political behavior, its time to abolish this office, they are not needed.