race baiters

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We all watched as the race baiters all participated in fermenting the violence that ended in the lost lives of two police officers in NYC.

Think about that for a moment, the Race Hustlers, like this man…

It is because of people like this that two innocent police officers are now dead.

Did they intend for this to happen?

No, they probably did not intend for more people to die but that is what happened and that is what you can expect to happen when you race bait.

When you begin to yell and scream smoke then eventually fire will follow.

When you stand up in front of thousands of people and you begin to paint with a wide brush that is racism.

What is even worse here for the racism baiters is the fact that it was two minorities that were murdered. 

What does this have to do with preaching the gospel like Martin Luther King did, he spoke through love not the way you see these men doing today, it would be condemned.

It should be condemned for what it is, an industry that makes money from the loss of life and the misery and grief of those who have lost family.

IT is time that these men are revealed for what they are. 

Ravening wolves in the clothing of sheep. 

How long will we tolerate these war mongers?