More Media Frenzy

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The second case where Race has been injected by the media in as many weeks?

It makes you wonder just what the media are up to.

Lets think about a few things in these two issues the circumstances were radically different.

Yet the media tend to draw no difference in covering the news story.

Like the Rolling Stones “Rape” Story the prevailing gossip is not published with little or no allegiance to the lost art of reporting.

They simply do not care that much about what might be true or what might not be true.

The real concern here is those that are injured by reporting that does not reflect the truth.

In the Ferguson case Lies were told by a person that participated in a robbery, minutes before the fatal encounter with the police.

The media failed to do any fact checking, they just reported what the criminal said.

Is that reporting or is that gossip.

Even now we have people running around with their hands raised saying don’t shoot.

Most of the reading and comprehending public have lost faith in the idea of honest reporting, even when the media claim to have facts they often twist the facts to suit the narrative they hope to push.

This is not reporting nor is it the truth.

Want to see where you saw the hands raised and the people saying don’t shoot, it was not in ferguson or in New York or in Los Angeles.

This is real news…

Why do you suppose that the media lies all the time?