Jared and Subway…

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The most horrible news surfaced earlier this month and perhaps just before as well.

The Subway Promotional featuring a man who had lost a lot of weight eating subway and exercising.

You just have to wonder what in the world was going on inside that crazy head, but then again there are many hundreds of situations just like this one probably happening right in your own neighborhood.

Just yesterday there was a radio news story about a man who was keeping a woman chained to a bed and the rest of the story is just too awful to talk about.

But that is part of the problem because if you don’t talk about it no one else will either.

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of woman that engage in prostitution.

Some do it for financial gain, still others because they are forced into it and cannot find a way out.

When you look at the video you have to wonder if perhaps subway might have more of a problem than they admit to having.