New republican Congress…

There are new people in town and the political landscape has changed, however Nancy P, appears to have no idea what is happening in America.

Notably she referred to America as a democracy.

The problem is simple, America is a Republic, you know that pledge of Allegiance that so many left wing America hating politicians seem to want to stop doing.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

America is a Republic, not a democracy, Nancy does not seem to understand history or her oath of office.

2014 vote them out Politics

Health care black market

We are about to embark on a health care journey that will frighten most adults and it should frighten you.

The truth about health care is that it has already changed, it changed as soon as the law was passed but no one knew what was in the bill.

Nancy P did not know, Harry Reid did not know, even the white house did not know.

What you should be concerned with now is how are you going to manage your health care in the future because what you thought you had is now gone.

Millions of Americans have lost their insurance and millions more are about to loose it but they just don’t know it yet.

Back when this bill was passed in the dead of the night the insurance companies began to actually read the bill unlike your elected officials that voted for this monster.

 So now consider this the demand for self pay services has increased to a degree that has never been seen before and the evidence of that is in all the services that have begun to spring up all over the US.

 You pay a fee and you get health care, they will bill your insurance company which will in turn probably deny your claim but you will not care because by this time you will need that care and you will not care what it costs to get that care.


The truth about the insurance companies is that they may have been complicit in writing this bill in the first place because if your elected Representative did not read or write the bill then who did?

Another truth that you will soon learn is that back when the bill was rammed down the throats of the American public the insurance companies quietly gutted all their health care plans in such a way as to deny coverage to paying subscribers, (allegedly)


Think about that for a moment, back in 2008 a Gold Humana Care plan with premium riders would allow you to obtain surgery for a deductible of just $100.00

Now that same policy no longer exists and in its place that same surgery is now going to cost you $20,000.00

Yes you read correctly.


You will now pay large sums of money for the same services that used to be included in your policy and you will also pay higher premiums for that poor quality service.

Just know one thing for sure if you do not have a pile of money and you get sick then you will end up in a world of hurt.

Vote because those fools in congress will never live by the laws they write for everyone else.



insurance company ripoff

Who is at fault for the cancellation of millions of Americans insurance policies and will congress act to fix the problem?

The answer to that issue should be that congress must take action to prevent the insurance companies from defaulting on insurance policies.


  Congress made a serious error, they did not read the bill before they signed it.


Now I just have to say that Nancy, should not be re-elected and is unfit for office as is harry reid.



bloobBerg Mosque

To the left of the end of the flat earth… The Earth is flat, right? You might wonder about that when you see the way the news is covered, so far off from what the reality actually is, you just have to wonder. Everyone can cover the Mosque in the news, but no one can cover, the other stories, in the news, where Christians are not be tolerated… I say that if they can build their Mosque here we should be able to build a church in the middle of their most populated city as well, or would that be considered, a problem? Think about that, they would never allow someone to build a momentous, building to a religion they hate. Yes, that is correct, they dont like our religion, so why are we so busy being tolerant… Think about it, If you take the spin away there is no Racism, there is no Tolerance issue, this is just wrong pure and simple. Somehow its ok to refuse a man the right to be a Christian in public, at high schools, so much so that many have decided to go to schools where people are permitted the freedom to pray if they wish. Yet, somehow were not tolerant, if we are against a Radical Muslim Mosque near Ground Zero.

You know what that is just Stupid.

Here is the question, the real one, if the situation were reversed, would they allow us to build in their country. That is all you have to ask, would it be ok, if the situation were the opposite of how it is now? Would they be tolerant? Or Would they say that we needed to be sensitive to the their views? Why is bloom berg, so hot on this could it be that allegedly money changed hands? Then you hear about good ol Nancy P talking about how the victims of 911 should be investigated. You have to ask again who are these people in Washington? What are they doing, under the guise of representing America, after they swore an Oath, and here is the most important thing, an Oath is an Oath, you cannot break it, because if you do then you are not only a traitor, you are also bound by your Oath. It is time to vote them out of office. It is time to vote them out… It is Time to vote them out, People like Bloomberg need to be voted out of office. This is why there are so many troubles, in our nation not because people have no common sense, but it is the small number people that represent only 12 percent of the country, they try to act like they are the only ones that count but that would be a false hood.


Nancy pelosi

So is there the hope and the change you wanted?

Do you want four more years of this?

Is this the kind of hope and change you hoped to have?

the sky is falling

The sky is falling?

Who do you want in charge?

People who are so emotional that they distort the truth?

People who lie to you?

Or people who are trying to do the right thing for our children?

Help the sky is falling the sky is falling, where is chicken little or is that Nancy P, we have to wonder, which all the fear mongering, and all the nonsense that is coming out of the DNC and Liberals without a clue band together to create the false impression that liberals are at the bottom of this, but the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling, oh my lions tigers and bears.

In so many ways it is hard to imagine why we cannot save some money here and there.


health care repeal

Will Repeal of the health care bill really help all the problems?

Many business owners are citing many issues with the new health care law that was passed without reading it.

There are burdens placed upon small business and large business, which could cause the business owners, in a difficult economy to make a choice between employees and staying in business.

There are some indications that allegedly, business owners, and large corporations would in fact layoff more employees if things remain the same.

The biggest problem here is that someone wrote this bill and no one read its contents?

If congress has the responsibility to legislate, which means, you have to ask the question here, who is making up these 2000 plus pages of bills if no one in congress is actually reading these bills, and they obviously are not writing them, (since anyone can figure out that if you write a thing you know what is in it right?)

If this is true and if you look at Nancy P, in this video you have to think that it must be true at least allegedly true.

This is what is wrong with the health care bill


Nancy P lets blame bush?

What your kidding right, I mean how is it possible that these people can continue to blame everyone for their problems.

So how long is it that Nancy will blame bush?

2 years from now when they loose the election, will they blame bush then?

Funny how they never seem to be capable of accepting the responsibility they swore when they took office.


nancy pelosi has been fired

The trash allegedly has been taken out.

Let there be no doubt, Nancy Failed, she allegedly intended to destroy American values and allegedly she tried to nullify the blood shed by countless Americans defending our nation, sadly alleged delusion is not what our nation is all about.

After two years, of the worst policy to ever come out of the congress and the worst ratings, now we can say that the people have spoken they have given a shellacking, to the liberals.

Nancy “you have to pass the bill before you know whats in it” Pelosi has been voted out of here speaker ship office.

The ship has sailed, the fat lady has sang, and that song sounded good people.

Sadly it appears that Harry Reid perhaps was able to allegedly manipulate the voting machines, allegedly that is, still a good and even great night for republicans.

The American people sent a message last night but will Washington hear the message?

Most people think that they will not hear the message.


Nancy nancy, pole vaulting really?

I have to wonder just how much pole vaulting Nancy P will be doing after the November election.

Will Nancy still be on the Wag?

Will she be packing her Bags?