nancy pelosi has been fired

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The trash allegedly has been taken out.

Let there be no doubt, Nancy Failed, she allegedly intended to destroy American values and allegedly she tried to nullify the blood shed by countless Americans defending our nation, sadly alleged delusion is not what our nation is all about.

After two years, of the worst policy to ever come out of the congress and the worst ratings, now we can say that the people have spoken they have given a shellacking, to the liberals.

Nancy “you have to pass the bill before you know whats in it” Pelosi has been voted out of here speaker ship office.

The ship has sailed, the fat lady has sang, and that song sounded good people.

Sadly it appears that Harry Reid perhaps was able to allegedly manipulate the voting machines, allegedly that is, still a good and even great night for republicans.

The American people sent a message last night but will Washington hear the message?

Most people think that they will not hear the message.