health care repeal

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Will Repeal of the health care bill really help all the problems?

Many business owners are citing many issues with the new health care law that was passed without reading it.

There are burdens placed upon small business and large business, which could cause the business owners, in a difficult economy to make a choice between employees and staying in business.

There are some indications that allegedly, business owners, and large corporations would in fact layoff more employees if things remain the same.

The biggest problem here is that someone wrote this bill and no one read its contents?

If congress has the responsibility to legislate, which means, you have to ask the question here, who is making up these 2000 plus pages of bills if no one in congress is actually reading these bills, and they obviously are not writing them, (since anyone can figure out that if you write a thing you know what is in it right?)

If this is true and if you look at Nancy P, in this video you have to think that it must be true at least allegedly true.

This is what is wrong with the health care bill