Glenn Beck reduced to hawking

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Well now you know in some ways this may sound bad and for some people it really is bad.

Mostly its allegedly bad for those people who end up buying this stuff, who knows for sure but you know I find it sort of like watching some of the older actors trying to sell all manner of things from reverse mortgages, (which by the way is the lowest form of pond scum you can imagine) to selling just about anything in between.

Its odd, really to see someone that was once a fairly decent entertainer to promoting something that should be free.

Yes you heard it, this information should be free but they want to sell it to you, just think about how many lives might be saved with this information.

So what are we doing here are we saying that if you cant afford to buy the over priced product that your family could pay the ultimate price?

That really just does not seem like a friendly thing to do…

But you be the judge…

Its amazing what some peope will do to make a buck
So really what is the deal here do only those that can afford to pay for an over rated and allegedly over priced report deserve to live.