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  • Amanda Knox

    When you read about this news story it should make you angry. Simply because the truth about the circumstances of this case were handled in a political way and as well the local “authorities” were bungled in a way that happens from time to time but also because of the people involved in this criminal […]

  • IRS issues, Senator Durban, Time to send him home?

    You know from watching the news and by keeping up with politics that the congress is not doing their jobs, we have unconstitutional actions by Senators, no budget in four years, a Supreme court that is out of control with rulings coming form politics instead of the oath of office… It is time to send […]

  • Trayvon Martin Guilty or Innocent?

       [kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main size=”30″ color=”#C00″ ]Media Justice..[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main]   The media are playing games with the minds of millions of people all over the world. While it may seem an innocuous thing, They are depicting images that came out when the case first broke. That they are showing images of a much younger Trayvon Martin, perhaps as […]

  • Immigration bill passes house GOP are done?

     Is the GOP done in Politics?   This was the question put forth on one of the media “talking head” spin doctors you see all the time, they say things that make no sense they think things that are just ignorance personified. Can the GOP win another election? But are they right, did the GOP […]

  • Should Americans Sue the Government???

    This is a deeply philosophical question here and folks there are people out there that are very serious about this deal. Should Americans be suing… Is this real or is it memorex? Is this Politics or is this something that needs to be done because Washington is out of control with no one at the […]

  • Spys, Leaks, Scandals, will they panic?

    The most dangerous consideration is a government that is not staffed with people that can lead. When you see people that panic instead of leading, then you have a big problem one that must be solved, when people refuse to lead then congress must come forward and do the right thing. Politics is an excuse […]

  • Email Exposes Bad Politics

    So, Wow, you read this and you think man are these people really the best that America has to offer for representing the American people? The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes […]

  • Will The Real America Stand up and Vote.

    My Friends, this year we have an historical vote one that means we will have to live with the decisions we make, we can decide to let others worry about the fate of our nation… WE can allow the politics and radical beliefs of a few dictate, to everyone else what America will become in […]

  • Tea Party Blues

     What will happen to America without true men who can tell no lie…   Ok for those of us that wonder about the tea party and its future here is an update.   Those who think the Tea Party is dead or gone “straight to hell” as Rep. Maxine Waters wanted were not with us […]

  • Glenn Beck reduced to hawking

    Well now you know in some ways this may sound bad and for some people it really is bad. Mostly its allegedly bad for those people who end up buying this stuff, who knows for sure but you know I find it sort of like watching some of the older actors trying to sell all […]