Child neglect, Casey Anthony

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Did Casey Anthony play a role in the death of her daughter?

Certainly, she did because she was responsible for this child’s welfare.

The thing that seems to be so vitally important here is that the media has distorted this case out of proportion, with the help of the Orange, Country Sheriffs office, which has allegedly leaked reports, which are available online for anyone to view.
Is there something that could have been done better about how this case was investigated?

The answer to that is a resounding yes, and yes again.

Should Casey Anthony pay the entire price for being stupid…

So what is really at issue here, that a child lost her life, yes, it is, that a mother acted stupidly, yes, it was certainly a fact, was this planned in advance, you know I have a hard time accepting that.

Here is what seems likely, that the girl, went out and partied, and may have either left the child alone or left the child in the care of some “crack heads” perhaps, at least that is something you can easily believe, because you know what it happens every day in this nation.

Every day, it happens somewhere.

But that this was done intentionally, no don’t believe that at all, was the girl dumb, you bet.

What seems more likely that the child died accidentally, or through negligence or that a monster, murdered her own child, intentionally, you know I just do not believe that, we may never know the truth sadly because this case was not handled, properly.

Should you be able to locate, documents online that have been posted on websites?

More interesting is the language that these so called people used…