The end of Freedom..

Every where you look these days you can see signs that things are not going very well, change is a difficult thing, but when you go too far with anything you can end up with more problems then you can deal with.

President Clinton realized this in his second term and so he worked his magic to do some good things in fact some would say he did some great things.

But this administration seems to be having a really hard time dealing with the political issues of the day.



Unions causing wide spread job loss?

What is going on with these Unions that seem to be oblivious to what is taking place in America?

Do they not understand that many economists have forecast the most destructive year in 2013 that anyone has ever seen? 

Economically we are facing Armageddon.

If you even have a job you should be grateful but apparently Unions are privileged, they do not feel that they are subject to the same rules of physics that everyone else is.

Like Gravity for instance?

You know what goes up must come down and they have had the gravy going for many many years, yet now when it gets a little rough they want to head for the door?

What happened to working together for a common goal oh, you know like actually working toward the goal of providing a quality product, I just have a hard time understanding this mentality that says hey, Im special and I deserve higher pay just because I pay dues, I deserve special consideration above everyone else in the labor market just because Im better than anyone else out there.



We are just minutes away from more media Bull pucky?

Imagine this, what will happen when the media begin to tell more of their lies, they will say that its very close, that Romney appears to have lost they will call states for Obama before the full results are in.

They will continue to do this even when Romney appears to have the same lead as states called for Obama.

They will say that it all comes down to one small county in an entire state…

Its really funny because they really

believe their own bull…

They will continue to say its going to be a long long long night.

They will tell you that every state is too close to call for Romney but they will quickly call states for Obama.

Why do they do this?   Why do they lie about the facts when faced with exit polls that do not make any sense, they will continue to use faulty information to justify the way they feel.

But elections are not about feelings,

it is about votes.

No matter what they say the truth is that America is voting, they are voting even now and even if the media lies about everything, the truth will come out, they will have to grudgingly, admit a Romney Win.

It may take them a long time to do that but they will have to eventually do the right thing.

I wonder why they have such a hard time doing that?




Clint Eastwood


 Last night an 82 year old man who has worked hard all of his life reminded us of something that we all knew but had some how forgotten.

[kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4 size=”50″ color=”#000000″ ]We Own This Country..[/kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4]


Yes I know its a novel concept that apparently at least 20 percent of the population have a hard time understanding.

But its the truth non the less.


The crowd loved the time they had with the man who brought us so many wonderful movies, even today he still has a movie that is very popular millions of Americans and in fact all over the world love this man but you know what I am sure that the liberals will have some bad things to say about this great man.


One thing I really want to say about Clint East wood, he built his career…


He made the statement that politicians work for us, not the other way around that is the fact and that is the truth.


The next time you see one of these liberals on TV and you hear them talk about how negative they are and how ignorant they are do yourself a favor turn the TV off.


Its really just that simple, stop watching these ignorant fools and stop buying the products of those that would support this foolishness.



Fox news Liars?

update, Is Fox news, influencing the market, by pushing certain stories at certain times of day?

Should Fox news or any {alleged} news company be allegedly manipulating news stories that can influence the stock market?
It is really a serious problem, what you have is allegedly a group of highly paid, individuals who are likely, allegedly making the kind of money that could allow them to execute trades, and profit from that kind of influence.


The news story this morning is that allegedly Stock Futures Rally on Jobs Data, but is that really true?

Is Fox news a real news company or are they something else?

Here is the problem with that news headline, it might not be true.

While everyone would like to see a positive result in today’s stock market, telling lies to support an ailing economy is not a solution, it is part of the problem, and if your not part of the solution, then you are not helping.  Lets have a look at the Alleged, facts, if that is possible at all with the modern day news cycle and the propensity to inflate a news story beyond its parameters.

The hope is that there will be some good news in the jobs numbers, which one might allegedly view with a grain of salt, since over the last three years, has been subject, to “alleged Errors” Opps, we made a bo bo, you know what no one really believes that trash any more, yet, apparently the producers over at fox news continue to push this “heady” type floss, the truth is that there is no good news that might suddenly appear over night to prop up a very bad two days in world wide markets.

They continue to represent that good news means the stock market will rise, but are they telling the truth or are they liars?

You have to consider a fair few things, in this story, one how many job claims were made last week?

Where did allegedly over 100 thousand jobs appear from out of thin air?

If the media hopes to support some kind of rally with some sense of euphoria, they manufacture by putting a spin on jobs numbers then we are truly in a dire position in the financial markets, more so when you figure that this news story came from fox news which allegedly sometimes has a hard time really producing the whole news story, bias is a serious issue that effects a lot of news companies, in fact you might say that is has effected a lot of news companies as in all of them.

So the next time you see the news out there waving pom poms and saying all is well, the world is great, the flowers are beautiful you better look around because chances are its snowing…



Child neglect, Casey Anthony

Did Casey Anthony play a role in the death of her daughter?

Certainly, she did because she was responsible for this child’s welfare.

The thing that seems to be so vitally important here is that the media has distorted this case out of proportion, with the help of the Orange, Country Sheriffs office, which has allegedly leaked reports, which are available online for anyone to view.
Is there something that could have been done better about how this case was investigated?

The answer to that is a resounding yes, and yes again.

Should Casey Anthony pay the entire price for being stupid…

So what is really at issue here, that a child lost her life, yes, it is, that a mother acted stupidly, yes, it was certainly a fact, was this planned in advance, you know I have a hard time accepting that.

Here is what seems likely, that the girl, went out and partied, and may have either left the child alone or left the child in the care of some “crack heads” perhaps, at least that is something you can easily believe, because you know what it happens every day in this nation.

Every day, it happens somewhere.

But that this was done intentionally, no don’t believe that at all, was the girl dumb, you bet.

What seems more likely that the child died accidentally, or through negligence or that a monster, murdered her own child, intentionally, you know I just do not believe that, we may never know the truth sadly because this case was not handled, properly.

Should you be able to locate, documents online that have been posted on websites?

More interesting is the language that these so called people used…


911 Aarp aclu arlen spector arrogant america bad health care Barbara Wa Wa biased fox news

Arnold, and the end of days movie.

With the prediction of the end of days, being the result of an elderly man who allegedly is likely senile, much of the media is contending in ways that would seem to be hostile to all Christians, which is sort of disappointing.

Really I guess with everything that is going on in the world when you have a story about Arnold being the biggest story, you must be joking right, we have historic flooding that could be a 120 year flood and the big media news story is Arnold, really that is really funny, I could care less.

I like Arnold, and if anyone is really surprised that a man had a hard time being one of the most successful Actors of his generation, really that is just funny.

So what is next will we start taking about how Tiger Woods is the big news story of the day…

What next is the great news story going to be about bozo the clown?