Are people in Washington DC Stupid?

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Just curious here because most of the bills that get voted on do not get read, as evidenced by the now famous Nancy Pelosi phrase that told everyone that you had to pass the bill to know what was in the bill.

 The thing here is this if the average person can read the bill and can understand that it is a bad bill, then why in the HE double tooth picks is going on.


Are people in Washington DC stupid….

Really I am curious how in the world can those people up there call themselves smart?

For example when the supreme court ruled (loose interpretation here) that congress passed the law, (in a back door sort of way in dark no doubt smoke filled rooms)

Then they would need to fix the problem because they passed the law so the Affordable Care Act would need to be changed by congress…..


So consider this, if they are so smart, why do they think that the executive branch has the power to enact and or change laws?

Where in the constitution does it specify this power because I cannot find it anywhere.


Another thing that is interesting about the apparent stupidity of people living in Washington DC is that somehow the Media cannot cover this governance by fiat.

Even Fox News, who once were touted as fair and balanced, cannot cover the arrogance that is the base of this story.


If Health care is a tax and only congress can change that then how is legislation after the fact, legal?

You cannot have one thing without the other, if it is legal to Tax without Representation, then it is legal to appeal a bad law that has already cost billions of dollars and done nothing to change the problem of health care.

Which brings us back full circle to the real question here, Are people in Washington DC stupid.