political malpractice

What if the GOP were so corrupt that they were split into two competing factions.

What if those factions were in part made up of those that are really trying to make a difference and those that are entrenched in graft along with others that have been up in DC for so long that they no longer have any kind of compunction left.

This headline ran in the washington post.

The dysfunctional GOP is failing to govern


Trumpeting the Trumpster

Well, it appears that Donald Trump may have had some information that many did not have when he criticized John McCain in a recent Televised event where most of the context of the Audio was cut out.

Even Fox news never showed the full context of the comments that were instantly made controversial.

The thing is there are some reports that John Mccain may have done something to deserve that criticism and guess what as usual most of the media is ignoring this information while still criticizing Trump for Criticizing McCain.

2014 election 2014 election day 2014 election results 2014 vote them out Politics

Go along to get along?

Is it time that Washington DC wakes up and begins to understand that the American People are sick and tired of a dictatorial relationship with the Capitol?

Why do you suppose that the democrats want to make it appear as if there is no choice but to play their way?


2014 election 2014 election day

Nov 4th Election

This year we are going to witness the true nature of American Voters.

Most of us believe that Voters will come to the polls to “communicate” with Washington…

The media have been gearing up for a huge white wash campaign.

We believe that voting is the only way that we can make an impact.

The truth may be very different, historically fewer than 50 percent of voters make the effort to get up off the couch and actually go vote.

Who knows for sure what might happen but one thing is clear if Americans are as selfish as the media seem to think  they are then our nation is in for a huge wake up call and when it does finally sink in it is possible that it will be too late to stop those in washington DC that do not care about the constitution.

 Will you make a difference?

You know friends that may not vote and you know that bringing up the need to vote nov 4th is really not a hard thing to do…

Just vote, make sure your friends have a plan to vote, voting is the best way to tell washington that they have gone too far and they have ignored the people.

Take action by committing to vote and find resources to help others get the message.



Hillary for president?

Just wondering what is going on in the democrat party, I know they have tons of busses lined up and they have sent out postcards to all the graveyards in America so that the dead can vote in 2016. 

But there are four that will not be able to vote in 2016. 

To see the Millions of Voters that will vote on behalf of these four men who died for this nation keep reading. 


Are people in Washington DC Stupid?

Just curious here because most of the bills that get voted on do not get read, as evidenced by the now famous Nancy Pelosi phrase that told everyone that you had to pass the bill to know what was in the bill.

 The thing here is this if the average person can read the bill and can understand that it is a bad bill, then why in the HE double tooth picks is going on.


Are people in Washington DC stupid….

Really I am curious how in the world can those people up there call themselves smart?

For example when the supreme court ruled (loose interpretation here) that congress passed the law, (in a back door sort of way in dark no doubt smoke filled rooms)

Then they would need to fix the problem because they passed the law so the Affordable Care Act would need to be changed by congress…..


So consider this, if they are so smart, why do they think that the executive branch has the power to enact and or change laws?

Where in the constitution does it specify this power because I cannot find it anywhere.


Another thing that is interesting about the apparent stupidity of people living in Washington DC is that somehow the Media cannot cover this governance by fiat.

Even Fox News, who once were touted as fair and balanced, cannot cover the arrogance that is the base of this story.


If Health care is a tax and only congress can change that then how is legislation after the fact, legal?

You cannot have one thing without the other, if it is legal to Tax without Representation, then it is legal to appeal a bad law that has already cost billions of dollars and done nothing to change the problem of health care.

Which brings us back full circle to the real question here, Are people in Washington DC stupid.




Politics the new racism

White house files charges against Zimmerman?

Wow, ok hold your breath now, just when you think that the circus in Washington DC cannot get any Crazier, you see something like this.

Is this the America you grew up in?  


judge jeanine pirro

Sometimes there are things about the truth that are hard to face, we try to do the best that we can to manage our lives in what has become a very difficult economy. Becoming frugal has not only become something that the older more mature population has to contend with but also the younger generations also. The truth about the economy and the wasteful spending that is happening in Washington DC has become an emergency, yet the congress seems to be blind Deaf and speechless.

Vote in 2014 because it is something that must be done to preserve America.


Spys, Leaks, Scandals, will they panic?

The most dangerous consideration is a government that is not staffed with people that can lead.

When you see people that panic instead of leading, then you have a big problem one that must be solved, when people refuse to lead then congress must come forward and do the right thing.

Politics is an excuse to blame someone else for your problems.

Right now we do not have a democratic problem and we do not have a republican problem, what we have here is a failure of leadership.

You hear people say this all the time, they say something about how the US is a democracy.

But that is not true.

It is false, it is a lie. . .

The United States of America is a Republic…

[kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”45″ color=”#cc0000″ ]We the People

Are a


WE have for many years been lied to by people who think that they are better than everyone around them these are the same people that cried “Let them Eat Cake”  These are the same people that eat lavish dinners, (in Washington DC) while most of the American public, eat baloney because they cannot afford to eat a steak.

The thing is while no one is guaranteed a steak we should be free from lies fostered by fools in the media.

We are a republic, this is not a democracy, this is America.

It is We the People, not the other way around.

The sheer stupidity of what this man says is insulting and embarrassing…



What if, were all wrong and they are right?

 What would happen if everyone were wrong about what is happening in Washington DC?

What would happen?

There are a lot of things that might be happening that because of the nature of these serious issues that the public cannot be told…

That seems fair right, sure. But what if they are right, what if they have information that we do not have.

What if they know for instance that tornadoes would become the new normal weather pattern.

What if there were some kind of weather pattern that was changing the way that we have to live.

What if disaster becomes the new normal. We have all seen these movies on TV where they show the end of the world as a bunch of weather changes, they have gone through all kinds of shows that depict these different types of things, you would call it science fiction. But what if it were true…

Then a lot of what were seeing would make more sense. The thing here is this, we do not always know what might be going on in the wider world, the only real problem that exists right now is the idea that somehow the DOJ can criminalize legal behavior in an attempt to control the news.

All of this might be understandable if life were like a movie on the sci fi channel.

The only thing that is bothersome is this why attack the press?

That is something that is both dangerous and could be as disastrous as the tornadoes that have been a serious problem all over the US recently.

What can we expect Re-education Camps?

Will they start shipping people off to camps where they experiment like they did in Nazi Germany?