political malpractice

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What if the GOP were so corrupt that they were split into two competing factions.

What if those factions were in part made up of those that are really trying to make a difference and those that are entrenched in graft along with others that have been up in DC for so long that they no longer have any kind of compunction left.

This headline ran in the washington post.

The dysfunctional GOP is failing to govern

What if it were true, what would happen to those that have been in office for so long?

Would you be surprised to learn probably nothing?

Its possible and in some cases it might even be probable.

Perhaps its time to start firing some of these bone heads up there that pretend to be on the side of the American people but often are really not.

The list would be an impressive one and also something to think about during the next two election cycles.

IT is time to send a message to Washington DC that the American people are tired of the lip service and tired of the lies.