Will Washingtons plans backfire

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In many ways the idea of busing in protesters who are not even from the state where they are protesting is something that is likely morally wrong, if not criminally wrong, there must be some direction from Washington because what is happening right now is just not right.

Calling in sick then going to support organized labor events is something that is as UN American as you can get.

In times like these the best of what it means to be an American is coming together to do what needs to be done.

The state is broke it cannot afford to pay the obscene wages, budgets must be cut.

Changes must be made, we cannot simply continue on as we once did in the past, this year our health care cost have gone up, the cost of medicine has tripled, the cost of Gas is going up higher and higher, which means the cost of food will continue to go up and up and up.

Changes must be made if we are to continue, marshaling to protest will not do anything to stop the financial crisis in fact it will likely cause a drop in the stock market, which could further destabilize the United States of America, democrats could be said to be fermenting treason in its actions.

What the unions are doing here is wrong and it can only be hoped that they will do the right thing and help put Americans back to work, even if it means that they have to God forbid pay for their own health insurance just like the rest of us.

Will democrats see the light in time to prevent disaster?

In so many ways, the idea of publicly protesting using unions is against every thing this nation has fought for all these years.

Since the beginning of this nations history men have given their lives so that the rest of America could grow and live free from evil.