Health care no more

The truth about the condition of the health care system is becoming a thing that were it known would be very alarming.

Health care truths,

  • Younger doctors are not as well trained.
  • Physician assistants are even less informed about medicine and treatment procedures.
  • RN nurses can be biased and uncaring, along with a lack of updated medical training.
  • Experienced doctors are retiring at an alarming rate.

    When you add up these things and the fact that in order to obtain real health care you have to search for a doctor that will listen to you and actually examine you, when you go into an emergency room and the doctor does not examine you, there is a serious problem that should be addressed.

I want to tell you a story about a woman that has a tumor that is causing horrible pain.

She has no health insurance and to date has not been able to obtain a medical option that is not influenced by money.


When money matters more than the patient and the patients needs can we say that the Oath the physician takes is now dead?

Do no harm…

When you go to a doctor and that doctor does not listen to you what can you expect to have any confidence in that doctor when money is more important than what happens to the patient.

How can any doctor operate under those circumstances?

The truth is that you almost have to do your own research because these ER docs they just are not well educated at all.


obama care too complicated for most people?

So is the affordable care act too complicated for the average person to understand?

I guess its possible but one thing seems interesting because so far the effects of a socialized medicine system seem to be less than what anyone ever hoped to see.

On a recent trip to the emergency room I noticed a couple of disturbing things, persons with no insurance are not treated with much respect as well they appear to be given zero care, they may make a token effort at creating the illusion that they are doing something but in reality its little or nothing.

The end result may not be something that everyone was thinking about because right now, we don’t see any kind of affordable care, at all.


medicare health care rationing?

Some expensive drugs have been removed from the formulary, what if your life depends upon that drug, what will you do?

This year the medicare open enrollment period has changed, which will lead to even more confusion to a confusing process. They cut Medicare in half, not legally but they allowed it to happen by proxy. Sound confusing well you know if it has anything to do with Washington, well that just the way it is right?

Or is it? You know they have so many problems, without adding even more. Insurance companies reduced its coverage by half, over the last two years, and we can likely expect this to happen again this year.

What used to cost 100.00 now costs 300.00
What used to be covered by Medicare is not covered any more.
What used to be is no more.

In reality there is no real advantage any more, because of the games the insurance companies are playing with the cost of medications.

This is not health care at all it its evil twin. The process is hard to understand, hard to figure out and difficult to manage, the true cost is hidden in mounds of paperwork. You see, costs have gone up as it always does whenever you have more than one party to a financial transaction. When you have a middle man involved between your doctor and you, that is a problem and that is what we now have.

They say they want you to report fraud, but can you really report every doctor in the system? For example, we visited two internal medicine doctors, in two different states, one doctor charged, $59.00 office visit, the other one charged, $220.00 save doctor same services, yet, two very different charges, see the hidden charges, are causing a lot of problem for medicare.

The problem with medicare is that there are doctors that are gaming the system, because their costs have gone up but in some cases there is abuse and that is also a problem, but if you report your doctor, what happens when that doctor leaves the state and goes to a better state where the medical board is more friendly to doctors. It is a serious issue and you have to understand that the problem is built into the system, Medicare does not pay much, so doctors have inflated their charges, sometimes to a high amount, so what amount constitutes fraud?

What amount constitutes, a fair payment? We may not know the answer to those things, but for example when someone has a medical need and that need is met without expensive treatment, then you have a good result, but if that need is not met due to health care rationing, then you have someone that ends up in the hospital and that costs a lot.

lying doctors

doctors in wisconsin

Imagine if you had a dishonest, doctor, could you trust them to do the right thing for your health?

Or, would they do what ever they wanted, even if it meant that you would die, is this the change you voted for?

Why is it that democrats can get away with doing just about anything but let a republican do it and its either jail time or time to resign.

Why is there a double standard for one set of people over another, is that not wrong?

With Doctors in Wisconsin willing to allegedly commit fraud in order to allow some teachers to be paid for time off, what does this say about the state of the democratic party?


Amid reports of doctors writing fraudulent documents in Wisconsin some are concerned about the possibility of doctors submitting a false report, could it be considered a criminal event?

For many people the idea that a doctor would so quickly agree to write a false report for illness for teachers attending a political event sponsored by some alleged labor unions, people are perplexed that a doctor would do such a thing and we frankly wonder if those doctors deserve to practice medicine, while the very popular television series House trades of unethical procedures, it is after all only a television show based on a very fictional character which does not in real life exist.

However, when you see a doctor willing to do what could be considered as a crime in many states, just to provide an excuse for a teacher to obtain paid leave to attend a political event, well that is something very different.

Doctors for years have been trusted to do the right thing, yet over the past few years we have seen a compelling amount of doctors loose the privileged to practice medicine for many things that are far less criminal than intentionally falsifying a document or medical record, it is disturbing to say the least.



Will Washingtons plans backfire

In many ways the idea of busing in protesters who are not even from the state where they are protesting is something that is likely morally wrong, if not criminally wrong, there must be some direction from Washington because what is happening right now is just not right.

Calling in sick then going to support organized labor events is something that is as UN American as you can get.

In times like these the best of what it means to be an American is coming together to do what needs to be done.

The state is broke it cannot afford to pay the obscene wages, budgets must be cut.

Changes must be made, we cannot simply continue on as we once did in the past, this year our health care cost have gone up, the cost of medicine has tripled, the cost of Gas is going up higher and higher, which means the cost of food will continue to go up and up and up.

Changes must be made if we are to continue, marshaling to protest will not do anything to stop the financial crisis in fact it will likely cause a drop in the stock market, which could further destabilize the United States of America, democrats could be said to be fermenting treason in its actions.

What the unions are doing here is wrong and it can only be hoped that they will do the right thing and help put Americans back to work, even if it means that they have to God forbid pay for their own health insurance just like the rest of us.

Will democrats see the light in time to prevent disaster?

In so many ways, the idea of publicly protesting using unions is against every thing this nation has fought for all these years.

Since the beginning of this nations history men have given their lives so that the rest of America could grow and live free from evil.