The steps of a dictator

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For many Americans this subject is not just another news story it is the failure of a president.

The failure to live up to the promises he made to the American people.
The failure to keep the promises he said that he would keep.
The failure to do what he campaigned that he would do.

It is disturbing to many people that we have a situation where one man has decided to bypass the will of an entire nation.

That my friends is the action of a dictator not a president.

We did not elect a dictator, This is America, not a regime in some other part of the world.

We do not by pass the constitution and attempt to enslave an entire nation, that is what a dictator does.
It is why, we see such actions in the middle east, they want to be free, not enslaved.

This is why, we must have an apology from the president on this issue, it is not acceptable, he must apologize for violating his oath of office else he must be impeached and removed from office, there is no other alternative, since we will not stand for a dictator, white or black or mixed, we do not care, this is not a nation where one man makes the decisions for the entire nation.

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

We can see here that what has happened here is that an entire nations will has been subverted by one man, in 2012 we must ellect a man or woman who can do the will of the people, who will follow through on the promises to the American people, who will do the right thing for the American people for fringe groups, not for special interests, not for only special labor unions.

America is a mixture of many different people not just one, this is an illegal action by the White house and it must be reversed.


former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Barack Obama’s decision not to fully enforce the Defense of Marriage law eventually could lead to a constitutional crisis, as he has directly violated his constitutional duties by arbitrarily suspending a law.

Also if you look at what would have happened if this were a republican president you can see that our liberal news and biased media are complicit in not reporting this violation of the constitution and the sickening stench of a sickness not treated will claim this nation.

“Imagine that Governor Palin had become president. Imagine that she had announced that Roe versus Wade in her view was unconstitutional and therefore the United States government would no longer protect anyone’s right to have an abortion because she personally had decided it should be changed. The news media would have gone crazy. The New York Times would have demanded her impeachment.