The new year and the new deal

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 Now that we have had a few months to consider what has been going on I can tell you one thing for sure, it sure was not what everyone thought it would be…


Everything is about new things this year is no different, we have a new year approaching and we have a city that is literally out of control, spending money like there is no tomorrow and since we now know that the world did not end a few days ago I think its time to consider the fact that we will have to begin to repay all this money that is being spent.

I have an idea that if people knew where all the money was going and if Washington were to spend some time to communicate that people would be a lot more willing to make changes that would bring in more revenue.

America has always been about banding together when times get tough we help our neighbors out.

This new year its time that we find a way to come together, regardless of our petty differences we need to get back to that time when we were not so worried about where our next meal might be coming from and figure out how we can mange our nation better.

When the average person can take a few minutes to consider how legislation effects the average person and do it better than those we have elected to fill those positions its time to consider what they are doing.

Communication is what we need to do, we are not so different that we cannot find a way to agree about the future of our nation and the future of our children.