The Great Media LIE your vote does count

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If you listen to the media for more than a few minutes, you may think that your vote does not count, but let me assure you that it does in fact count and it counts in more ways than one. Have a look at this map, it is an approximation of votes being cast, of course like the polls that you hear about on the News, (if you can really call it that anymore) the idea of assigning an opinion to an estimate is just silly, yet you see it all the time and in fact in less than two hours the Media will begin to call states for one candidate or another.

Voteing Map
Its not too late, your vote does count you may think it does not because of the distortion of the media, but we know they have an agenda that does not involve reporting the news.

Vote because every vote counts in this election, its not about one state, or one town, its about America.

America its time to get off the couch and vote its time to do the right thing for our Nation no longer
will we bow to foreign nations that do not like us, its time to vote your conscious, just ask this question.

Do you have to dodge pot holes on the way to work, do you need new tires but find it hard to afford it?

When was the last time you had an expensive dinner, if your like most Americans its been too long…