2016 Debate Circus…

This is an amazing story and its one that should serve as an example of how confusing and difficult that CNN is in its use of programming and production talent.


WaterGate memories

There is talk and has been for some time about how many of the things that have happened over the last four years are reminiscent of the days of the water gate scandal which at the time was just about the biggest news story of all time.

Now, somehow were tolerant?

Funny that when you begin to examine all the contrasts that we have serious problems and its not over just yet either.


@MeganKelly did she just attack religion?

These days you just have to wonder about what goes on in the minds of the talking heads including Megan Kelly who today allegedly might have lost a lot of viewers when she came across in such a way that the viewer had no choice but to notice that she was really Anti-Religious.

Just before this segment she attacked Donald Trump once again.

This was happening in the midst of a “So called War of Words” which has been going on and there has been serious issues on both sides of this news story.

To be fair, Megan Kelly did do an unprofessional thing.

The question she asked has no place in a debate.

It was just as bad as what they did to Newt Gingrich.

Just as bad and because she is an attractive woman we should cut her some slack?

I don’t think so and no more than ever I am convinced that Ms. Kelly is far from the center that she has led viewers to believe she is.

But hey thats life right?  If she wants to attack religion on the air she can do that but just watch the ratings as they begin to drop because that is exactly what is going to happen very soon if she does not apologize.

She has a reason to be angry with Trump, but neither is she innocent either.


Jared and Subway…

The most horrible news surfaced earlier this month and perhaps just before as well.

The Subway Promotional featuring a man who had lost a lot of weight eating subway and exercising.

You just have to wonder what in the world was going on inside that crazy head, but then again there are many hundreds of situations just like this one probably happening right in your own neighborhood.

Just yesterday there was a radio news story about a man who was keeping a woman chained to a bed and the rest of the story is just too awful to talk about.


Free Enterprise Eggs

Perhaps you may have heard about the recent news story about an [ALLEGED] shortage of eggs which caused allegedly the cost of eggs to rise dramatically.

There was a shortage of eggs in some small parts of the US but this did not have any effect on the rest of the nation, however the cost of eggs went up just about everywhere all at the same time.

This is not the Free Enterprise System…

Just so you know this is a type of socialism, its not a particularly good one either because it has failed everywhere over the years and were not just talking about a few years either were talking about a lot of years and a lot of different places.

Socialism has failed over and over again because of one simple thing…

People are Human…

Corruption follows the human condition and that is why socialism never works.

Just look at what is happening in Greece right now.

That is what you get when you play with socialism.

The idea of a nationwide price for eggs is right out of the socialism play book.


Because we operate on the free enterprise system which means if there is a shortage of eggs in California it does not effect us here or you where you live, unless you happen to live in California.

However recently a terrible thing happened and that terrible thing was that the cost of eggs went up everywhere all because of a few places where eggs were actually not as readily available.

People just stopped buying eggs and since eggs have a limited shelf life grocers began to quickly understand that they would find themselves with a useless product.

Just have a look at just about any retail location and you will see plenty of eggs.

Lots and lots of eggs. 

Anti flag Anti American bias news coverage biased AP Biased CNN

Over correction…

There is a tendency to over react at times, its a difficult thing to manage but its what human nature usually dictates.

The media have been busy attempting to stir up a ratings worthy event.

They waited to see if the people would riot, they secretly hoped that would happen because they get paid to cover the news and if there is no news well they pack up and they go home.


Ghouls are real…

In a recent news story a tragic accident claimed the lives of seven people who were going about their days as they had for many years when a horrible accident took their lives.

What is often even worse is human nature or at least the nature of the beast which is something that we face in our population. 


Chicken Little and the monster under the stairs

IN the classic children’s story about Chicken Little we often wonder why those in the story are so intellectually frustrated.

Well, there is something in the media that often frustrates those that watch.


NBC to aire controversial bible

Well if you can imagine it or not, NBC who allegedly has a long line of offensive bias charges against them, (allegedly) is going to broadcast a Biblical program, now its probably not going to be biblically accurate, (huh, what, really) why bother then, You mean they just allegedly did this for the money?

Of course its NBC or is this unfair?

Hmmm, Well it might be a little biased, you see NBC has for a long time been or appeared to have been anti-christian, sorry if thats offensive but you know its mostly true.

So when this series was shown, Bible and NBC, see it here.

It seemed likely that this was probably not going to be a good production, but we might have been a tad hasty,

Because it appears that the people behind the very successful biblical based production recently are actually the ones telling this story now.
So, while NBC still at times (appears to be quite biased) perhaps they can’t help it.
They did seem to have a good eye for something that would generate some much needed revenue, but if I were Roma Downey I would watch my Back over there at NBC, I hear it can get a little on the rough side.
Either way, its worth a watch and perhaps NBC may have begun to learn a little bit of a lesson here, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink the Kool-aid…

Jon Stewart, lied then cried?

Well, from time to time we watch Jon Stewart, (not sure if that is spelled right or not, don’t really care either, but the thing here is this Jon usually is funny, you know the Ha Ha kind of funny.

This time was different, Jon was doing a bit, about fox news, which hey its worth money right, but what bothered us was the very real fact that Fox news had the news story exactly correct and Jon was “pretending” or “acting” as if Fox news was lying, which sort of means that Jon was actually the liar.